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Why do girls want to "open up" shy men?


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Seems to happen to me a lot...girls will always seem to indirectly break me out of my shell...not that I have a problem with it, it's just...strange. Then the same girls won't talk to me the next day...do they want me to approach them or something? I'm not good with communication skills other than verbal...

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Maybe they want to introduce themselves and go on to chooisng a topic that you will be comfortable disscussing about so you can proceed on saying a bit about you.


I'm not good with communication skills other than verbal...


Yes I hear, that's hard too at times, still learning. So if there was a shy guy I knew of, I may make him come out of his shell, or maybe not. Some days I just don't talk that much at all. Fact if there is a real long silence then I'm lost there, he may have to say something at least. If I talked first and he still not saying much then I dunno that much, I'm not that good either.

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girls like to try to "open up" shy men because they are incredibly misterious and unpredictable creatures, like cats. many don't have the patience to wait, though.


try to make an effort and reach out, so they don't feel like you are intentionally rejecting them.

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They probably see that you keep to yourself so they make an effort to get you talking. This happens to me a lot only I'm not shy just self-resereved. Don't get upset if they don't talk to you the next day. You don't want to read too much into casual interactions with people... because that's all it was. No big deal.

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