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Patches the comedian


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Our guinea pig is SO funny. He loves to be in his "iggloo". He loves it so much that he will haul his food dish inside with him. When you put the dish in the cage you can see him scuttle his home in the direction of the bowl.Then a paw comes out and pulls it closer, then the second paw and gives a tug and pulls the dish inside his house


He also likes to cuddle up beside my neck but sometimes will give a nip I do not know if that is cause he is male.


Either way he is a riot to watch.

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Try getting him one of those edible tiki huts. We got a big one for our 3 and they just loooved it (until they ate the roof off anyway).


Yeah my son pointed those out a while back.....maybe an Easter gift.


I had a female "pig" before and she did not nip. Do males nip? My male cat used to give love nips but not the females.........

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