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Been a while since he's said "I love you"... Don't know what to think


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Oh lordy, here we go.


I posted on this before. I have this problem where if my bf (of one year) doesn't say "I love you" to me after we talk on the phone, my insecurity and low self-esteem kicks in and I convince myself he doesn't love me.


We don't see each other often cause we're living a few hours apart at this time. But we talk on the phone a lot. It used to be that after every phone convo, he'd say "I love you" or I'd say it and he'd say it back.


Well....it's been a week and about 5 phone convos later that he hasn't said it. I said it twice and he responded accordingly. I know this is just my insecurity talking. I know I have a problem. He still loves me right? God, I can't believe I'm even asking that question...

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I am sure he still loves you, even if he doesn't say so every time you talk or are together.


Personally, it can get to the point where I feel that the phrase is overused in my relationships and lacks the punch it has when it is said less often. Showing love is far more important to me; words can only be expressed so many ways. Stating your love is important, but... so is demonstrating it.

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