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this might be the end


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Ok guys last night was the definitive end for me and my ex. This part is for you who know my story e.g. bleeder….


Last night I heard the truth about her and the past 3-4 months. Guys believe it or not in the last 3-4 months she was lying and only lying to all of us…she was lying to me to her best friends to her new boyfriend….she was sleeping with me but she was still in touch with him….she was buying him valentine's presents and she was telling me she is not in touch with him…she was telling her friends only bad stuff about me but she was going out with me….last night she tolled me that she loves me but can't be with me and started to tell me stories how her heart is divided etc. I count's handle it any more and I said ok that's it for the rest…but than I got in touch with one of her friends and she was surprised to hear that she is in touch with me because my ex was telling only bad things about me since we officially broke up…she tolled me also things about her family how my ex was talking bad things about me to her family… and her friend couldn't understand that and she tolled her "if you want to be with him don't do that" her friend also tolled me how she was making pressure to be with that new guy… guys last night was hurting really…my heart is broken I can not understand that a girl can do such thing…she was trying to have both of us….


Now I called her and left her a message today and tolled her how I am gong to make her band in front of her friends and that everybody will know about our trips to the hotels during the time she was with him… because I just had to hurt her….sorry guys but I had to…


A while after she called me but I am not going to talk to her..she tried to talk to me on the phone I rejected …guys I still can't believe it


That's for now guys…I think this might be the end


I believe that she will still try to contact me


Bb for now

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Hi Stillthere,


Thanks for keeping us posted.


Negative actions begets negative emotions. I understand the primal urge for vengeance is strong, especially after what she did. But do not carry out any actions that will cause further damage to what has already been done.


Just leave things as they are and walk away. You will not regret this my friend. It will also show her that you are man enough to take it as it is, and not be bothered by her lowly actions.


Think about it.

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thanks my friend...thank you so much...


after i was done with my message here and i left my work i checked my cell in my car and guess what *missed call(s) from her* but now after all i did and after all i said it's done...i am still in touch with her friend the girl who tolled me everything...and every time we talk we find more and more lies...she tried to eliminate all of my friends...and now she is doing the same thing with the new guy (i know that because this girl knows him too)


this time i'll just walk away...i guess she will try to call me and contact me, because i never walked away like this that's going to bother her the most...


thanks so many times...

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