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Ugh. Haven't been this sick in a long time. Started last night with ab cramps, diarrhea headache, chills. I even had to take a powder while my kids finished the easter eggs. It's a little bit better this morning, but I'm still suffering. Don't know which of two restaurants I went to are the likely suspects. Everytime time I went to the bathroom, I forced myself to keep drinking water. Dehydration was making me sicker.


And I'm driving up to see my sweety this afternoon. God...make it go away.


Just needed to vent. Thanks for listening.



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I think a stomach virus has been going around. I feel victim to one earlier this week. -Not fun.


Eat the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) until you feel better.


Some friends on the other side of the world from me have been sick with this same thing too.

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