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Have i made the right decision


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I have been seeing a girl for nine years.At first it was good,but then slowly over the last 4 years she has become more paranoid about our relationship.I have never cheated on her,i dont go down the pub or clubs because i choose not to!

Recently i was made redundant,so she has been working all the hours apparently for us.I have one male friend who comes round once or twice a week,who has been a friend for 20 years.If i have or make a phone call i have to explain who it was.If i respond with its a pal of mine you dont know who it is because you have never met/seen,im called disloyal?


Am i wrong?

I look for work on the internet everyday which doesnt take very long because of the current situation.But if she is at work it is better for me to be on my own until she comes home or i pick her up from work,is this normal.


Recently we split up and i believe that is not what she wanted because of the things she said to me when i couldnt sleep knowing it needed resolving.


For a couple of days all was well,then she tells me that i dont know why i took you back,even though it was a totally different attitude the other day.


Nine years is alot of time to waste,was it wrong for me to go back.

I have suggested a new beginning without constantly referring to the past.


She says that she wants to marry me,have children etc but when she offends me she will refuse to apologise....WHY!


If i offend somebody i apologise,so whats the difference?


Im going round in circles i feel,can somebody help?


There is nothing worse than up down up down.](*,)

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you have a female version of my exfiance... and if your life revolves around making sure she doesn't become suspicious or paranoid... i can assure you- its not much of a life.


you are a person - with a mind- you should be able to come and go as you please- talk to who you want to- go where you want to go- and not be questioned.


trust me i know what its like... i'm in the VERY early stages of breaking up with my exfiance... i know its going to hurt at times- but i have to do this to regain my sanity and my freedom.

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