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Ok this is an online conversation between a guy who contacted me on a dating site and our first night we talked for three hours and it didn't even feel like it because we clicked so well. After a couple other chats, I told him something I did and he got upset about it and this is part of the conversation which I'll post in a second. Form what you read, you'll prob say he's an A-hole but its so hard because I truly did have feelings for this guy and thought he'd be different and its hard to move on but anyway, here is the conversation so I apologize for the length, just would like to know your thoughts on it...thanks!!


evil_chick1566: Hey

HIM: hey

evil_chick1566: hows it going?

HIM: ok

evil_chick1566: Thats good

evil_chick1566: Did you have a good weekend?

HIM: sure

evil_chick1566: good to hear.

evil_chick1566: What you up to?

HIM: nothing

evil_chick1566: I see. Well I had an ok weekend. Went out with some friends to dinner up in Racine and drove all over up there.

evil_chick1566: Then today went to my Grandmas for an early easter..which was ok.

evil_chick1566: Got to see my cousins which was nice.

evil_chick1566: Then just been bummed...sick of this lousy weather.

evil_chick1566: Did you get my offline msg?

HIM: nope

evil_chick1566: o

evil_chick1566: Thats odd. I sent one.

evil_chick1566: Still thinking of moving back to NY?

HIM: yup

evil_chick1566: well since you didnt get my offline msg. I'll re-post it.

evil_chick1566: Jason, please don't give up on our friendship. I understand its hard, any relationship for that matter is, whether its friends, bf/gf, etc nothing ever is easy, it takes work and if two people really care for one another it will work. I truly enjoy talking to you and value our friendship. You told me you wouldn't want to ruin what we have and I certainly don't want to ruin what we have either. I'll always be here for you Jason through thick and thin cause thats what friends are for. I'd never want to jeopardize our friendship in anyway. Like I said I know its hard but to just run away from it isn't cool, because you never know what you missed out on and most likely be left wondering. I hope we can talk soon Jason, I miss you.



evil_chick1566: Well I do mean it. My hearts racing right now

evil_chick1566: what are you thinking?

HIM: Not thinking anything,thoughtful words and all,but their just that words

evil_chick1566: Well I wouldn't waste my time trying to work with you on this if I truly didn't care.

HIM: So you say

evil_chick1566: Why waste my time and effort if I didnt?

evil_chick1566: If I didn't care I would say so. I dont have time to play childish games

evil_chick1566: or mind games for that matter

evil_chick1566: Im a grown women. Not a child.

evil_chick1566: I dont have time for bull * * * * like that

HIM: So yousay,although your actions prove otherwise

evil_chick1566: Do I need to come to your place. Bang on your door and tell you face to face? I'll be happy to do so Jason.

HIM: Nah im not much for conversation

evil_chick1566: Well just checking.

evil_chick1566: I feel you made a lot of assumptions about me, that aren't true but you wouldn't know that until you actually met me.

evil_chick1566: But

evil_chick1566: your entitled to your opinions and thoughts

evil_chick1566: thats I cant change

HIM: My assumptions are based on your actions,thats your fault

HIM: but like i said,you dont have to talk to me

HIM: its cool

evil_chick1566: I do want to talk to you.

HIM: thats nice

evil_chick1566: Its a double standard. Its ok for guys to do something of that nature but if a girl does shes a * * * * * or whatever. I don't consider myself to be a * * * * * . This was a guy who I knew. Not someone off the street nor would I do that gross. But it was a FWB type thing and we didn't * * * * . Mainly just did oral.

evil_chick1566: big damn deal

evil_chick1566: Its not like im going around town sleeping with every tom * * * * and harry

evil_chick1566: thats * * * * ing sick

HIM: Oral?sex? its all the same,you did it for the act of doing it,not for the emotion or any true feelings,so ya you were a * * * * * for it,i do it,but thats because i dont give a * * * *

HIM: i know what i am

HIM: i just dont care

evil_chick1566: fwb is not a * * * * *

evil_chick1566: but thats fine you have your def

evil_chick1566: and I have mind

evil_chick1566: e

HIM: Def are universal,what you have is denial

HIM: but that works too

evil_chick1566: To me a * * * * * is someone who sleeps with everyone she meets

evil_chick1566: thats NOT me.

HIM: Sure it is

evil_chick1566: lol

evil_chick1566: Wow jason

evil_chick1566: totally different persepctives on that

evil_chick1566: thats funny

evil_chick1566: but tis cool

evil_chick1566: its

HIM: Yup,sure is

evil_chick1566: So in order for a women NOT to be a * * * * * in your eyes would mean she would have to * * * * a guy she has feelings for only?

evil_chick1566: Is that right

HIM: Yup,unless she likes being a * * * * * ,which im happy for,makes my life fun

evil_chick1566: I see.

evil_chick1566: So now that I did this ONE time. Im considered a * * * * * by you?

HIM: ya,but who cares what i think,its just my opinion

evil_chick1566: true

evil_chick1566: but your my friend so I do care

evil_chick1566: which why this hurts

HIM: the biggest kjoke of all htis is,you say you liked me,had feelings for me,but since we werent going to happen,your feelings turned off just like that and you were * * * * inga round with some guy,what a bunch of bull * * * *

evil_chick1566: you warned me not to date you jason. I took that as a hint. Im not going to wait around forever or until people figure out what the hell they want.

evil_chick1566: If you would have asked when we talked

evil_chick1566: I would have been happy to date you

evil_chick1566: I didnt go around looking for a dude to mess with

evil_chick1566: we hung out

evil_chick1566: and things happened

HIM: Forever?LMFAO!!!! a few days huh? PLus it didnt take you long to start being a ho,so i think your basically full of * * * * ,and i sure as * * * * dont know you,cause you dont even know you

HIM: So basically,i could care less if we are friends or not

evil_chick1566: wow

HIM: Oh,you thought i was a nice guy? your fault

evil_chick1566: I cant predict when you would be ready for a gf

evil_chick1566: it could be days

evil_chick1566: could be months

evil_chick1566: hell maybe yers

evil_chick1566: I dk

HIM: Ya but it only took you a few days to become a * * * *

evil_chick1566: thats not who I am.

evil_chick1566: and if you knew me in person

evil_chick1566: youd know thats true

evil_chick1566: I dont have time to be fake

evil_chick1566: or phony towards ppl

evil_chick1566: cuz I certainly wouldnt want someone to be fake to m e

evil_chick1566: I dont like fake folks

evil_chick1566: they can kiss my crack

HIM: well were basically * * * * ed,but take this and just dont do it to the next reinds you make

evil_chick1566: I aint

evil_chick1566: I want a bf

evil_chick1566: a real realtionship

evil_chick1566: My sister is lucky.

HIM: Lmao,well then stop being a * * * * and you might find one

evil_chick1566: She has bf and they been together for a yr now and have a baby on the way. I wish I could say the same

evil_chick1566: lol

HIM: Because im more than certain that guy you were with thinks you are

evil_chick1566: If he does * * * * him

evil_chick1566: LOL

HIM: you should,you alomost did

evil_chick1566: HE CAN KISS MY CRACK TOO

evil_chick1566: From what I saw HELL no lol

evil_chick1566: If I want a pinky Ill do my own finger lol

evil_chick1566: Maybe I canbe your * * * * * LOL

HIM: WE went through that already,you decided against that

evil_chick1566: haha


evil_chick1566: BUT ILL TELL YA ANYWAY

evil_chick1566: I WENT TO THE PORN SHOP SHOULD HAVE bought that whip and used it on you hehee

HIM: Thats nice,but i dont see how either of us benefit each other.I dont trust you,and i odnt really care if you like me anymore,so i dont see much sense in continuing to talk

evil_chick1566: I cant believe this. I thought you said youd be my friend no matter what. You act as if we went out or something. We never dated.

evil_chick1566: So I dk how you cant trust me

evil_chick1566: We have a good time talking

HIM: You tell me one thing and you go out and do antoher,and your right we never dated,which makes not talking to you even easier

evil_chick1566: What I told you was true. People change there minds. Try something new, explore boundaries

evil_chick1566: It happens

evil_chick1566: Yet Im being condemed for it,.

HIM: Thats life

evil_chick1566: Yes it is and as a friend I shouldn't be put down.

evil_chick1566: I did nothing to hurt you. I believed in you. I know there is a person with a soul deep down whether you realize it or not.

mister_me2014: you have a choice,deal with it or go on your way already

evil_chick1566: I am dealing with it im here arent I?

HIM: your choice

evil_chick1566: Right

evil_chick1566: I did nothing to hurt you. I believed in you. I know there is a person with a soul deep down whether you realize it or not.

HIM: Lmao,i think your the one who dosent realise,i am not what you think,im not looking to be saved

evil_chick1566: Im not saving you. Im just saying I see the good in you, whats wrong with that.

HIM: There is no good

evil_chick1566: You said you dont have many friends and you were glad to have made a friend

HIM: but the person i made o friend of isnt the person i thought

evil_chick1566: I am. You just choose not to believe it.

evil_chick1566: thats on you Jason

HIM: I know not to believe it

evil_chick1566: Well your wrong

HIM: yes thats on me

evil_chick1566: Very wrong

evil_chick1566: but you wont let me show you

HIM: You already showed me all i need to see

evil_chick1566: negative negative

evil_chick1566: cynical

evil_chick1566: You havent seen nothing yet my dear

HIM: And i never will,because our paths wont cross,first impressions are a * * * * *

evil_chick1566: true they can be

evil_chick1566: but I said in the begininng when we 1st talked I am the real deal... I dont bull * * * * around or act fake and I stay true to that.

HIM: Well heres the great thing,you can believe what you wnt about yourself,and i can think what i want,and we both get to continue with our lives uneffected by the other

evil_chick1566: I dont see why we cant be friends. We both agreed we like talking to each other.

HIM: I just dont see anyrthing in it for me,you have other friends go and talk to them

evil_chick1566: But I like you..What do you want from me?

HIM: nothing

HIM: i dont ask anyhting from anybody

evil_chick1566: Wow. Do you do this to all your friends? They do something and you just discard them like a crappy card in a game?

evil_chick1566: like theyre nothing

HIM: You have no idea what my friends are like

evil_chick1566: No and you dont know any idea what my friends are like either.

HIM: and yes most people are nothing,and they are very much replaceable

evil_chick1566: I see

evil_chick1566: Im glad you have the friends you do but man you have a very cynical persepective on making new friends

evil_chick1566: and def trust issues.

evil_chick1566: which I can understand

evil_chick1566: because

evil_chick1566: I have them too

HIM: All that may be true,but know do you think i really care

evil_chick1566: maybe and maybe not

evil_chick1566: maybe its a tough guy thing

evil_chick1566: where you dont want to show true feelings or emotions

evil_chick1566: I dk some guys do that

evil_chick1566: say they dont give a * * * *

evil_chick1566: but deep down they do

HIM: Let let me reassure you,i could give a * * * * about a tough guy image,deep down and on the surface,i really just dont give a * * * *

evil_chick1566: its a barrier

evil_chick1566: wow

evil_chick1566: truly heatless eh

evil_chick1566: heart

evil_chick1566: but I find it hard to believe cuz Im sure you care about your family and friends..so must have a heart some where

HIM: Lol,you just dont get it,my bloodline is a bond that isnt a choice,as for my friends,the moment they become of no further use to me,they can get the hell on too

evil_chick1566: Wow

evil_chick1566: Im impressed

evil_chick1566: Your right I dont understand why someone would want to be this way. Unless they dont care about being alone.

HIM: Being alone is fine by me,i get compnay when i can use it.

evil_chick1566: if that what makes you happy then good

HIM: DTA"Dont trust anyone" I can trust and rely on myself,everybody else is a walking let down waiting to happen,and a annoying

evil_chick1566: like I said I agree with that full heartedly

evil_chick1566: we talked about this before

HIM: Well I wsh ya luck in your future endevors,and i hope you find what your looking for

evil_chick1566: Well thanks I hope you do as well.

evil_chick1566: Id still like to keep contact tho like we talked about before

HIM: not interested

evil_chick1566: so after all this time and effort and wanting to be your friend and after all the good talks we had. your just going to throw me away like an old shoe?


HIM: Its however you choose to look at it,label it however you want

HIM: i dont care

evil_chick1566: so what you said to me was a lie, Ill be your friend no matter what?

HIM: friend is a very lose term,i means i wont hate you,or forget ya,but it dosent mean i wanna further this

evil_chick1566: thats to bad

evil_chick1566: cuz I really did enjoy talking with you and wanting to hang out.

evil_chick1566: I thought you were a good guy friend.

HIM: Thats where you went wrong

evil_chick1566: I guess so cuz then I believed lies.

HIM: Me too,so arent we both content

evil_chick1566: No because I was nothng but real to you and I know you ain't going to believe that but Im truly hurt that, you think I hurted you.

evil_chick1566: I dont hate you or have any hard feelings

evil_chick1566: but I am hurt that you think I wasn't upfront and honest with you.

evil_chick1566: When all I was, was nothing but that.

HIM: Just get over,call another guy and do your hing,worked for ya last time

evil_chick1566: I can't and I dont want that.

HIM: well that is also your choice

evil_chick1566: Yes but I aint going to call up a guy and do him. Thats Not me.

HIM: then dont,whatever you do beyond this conversation is your choice and none of my business

evil_chick1566: Im pouring my heart out to you, thought I could confide in you and it all blows up in my face.

evil_chick1566: Unbelieveable

HIM: LOL@you Confide in me??Like that means anything to me.You need to go cinfiding in the guy you almost * * * * ed

evil_chick1566: Crying my eyes out at Applebees to my friends cuz I dk what to do

evil_chick1566: Yeah confide in you

evil_chick1566: I felt comfortable telling you anything

HIM: Well you must have felt pretty comfortable almost * * * * ing that guy too,so go tell him your life

evil_chick1566: He was a friend. Not a random person.

HIM: then let him remain your friend and go talk to him

evil_chick1566: I do. I like talking with you too, this isnt easy for me.

evil_chick1566: I cant just pretend you never exsisted.

evil_chick1566: I think bout you all the time.

HIM: Well i dont exsit,im nothing but words on a comp screen

HIM: So get over it and move on

HIM: life does go on

evil_chick1566: I know. This is just a big shock to me.

evil_chick1566: I never pictured it this way

HIM: Expect nothing and you will never be dissapointed in life

evil_chick1566: Its hard to when I felt a connection with you.

HIM: So you say,and im sure you were thinking of me when you were almost * * * * ing that guy

HIM: stop insulting me

evil_chick1566: Im not tryng to insult you, Im being honest with you.

HIM: whateve

evil_chick1566: Ask my friends

HIM: r

evil_chick1566: they will tell you

HIM: ok,whats their screen names

evil_chick1566: ok here is one XXXXX

evil_chick1566: the other doesnt have a computer but you can call and ask her yourself

evil_chick1566: how many times I cried and * * * * * ed to them about what to do with you

evil_chick1566: I printed out our conversation to show them what happened and to get advice

evil_chick1566: I dont bull * * * * around

evil_chick1566: Im dead * * * * ing serious about you

evil_chick1566: and ill * * * * ing swear it up and down on my realitives graves

HIM: Ya,all that sounds nice,but you still decided to go * * * * ing around with some guy,so i hardly doubt we were all that into me,cause if you were that would have never happened

evil_chick1566: You didnt know what you wanted and until the other night you told me how you felt I would have never messed around with a guy and I didnt do that to hurt you or anyone else.

evil_chick1566: Ask my friends

evil_chick1566: Ill swear it on a * * * * ing bible

HIM: * * * * the bible,i dont even believe in god and all those fairytales

evil_chick1566: lol

evil_chick1566: well whatever you have to know damn well im being serious if im swearing it on something of that nature

evil_chick1566: and on my realitives graves

evil_chick1566: sounds like my sisters bf

evil_chick1566: sorry lol j

evil_chick1566: but anyway yeah you ask my friend

HIM: Dont know what to tell ya,you serve what purpose to me? You giving me money?You * * * * ing me?You love me? Wheres my interest in all this

evil_chick1566: her name is Sarah

HIM: Where does any of this interest or benefit me

evil_chick1566: Id like to date you

evil_chick1566: friendship

HIM: Dont need it

evil_chick1566: you wanted it before,

evil_chick1566: now all of a sudden your so quick to change your mind

evil_chick1566: how interesting that it changes that quickly

HIM: your actions changed my mind,and however you word it now dosent change it.And it dosent matter what you say you wont do anymore,its what you have done that matters

evil_chick1566: how do I know you werent * * * * ing some chick either? you couldve have been. I wouldnt have held it against you

evil_chick1566: or throw away our friendship

evil_chick1566: over it

HIM: I could * * * * some chick,in fact i could * * * * 30,whats your point?That who and what i am,i never denied that.

evil_chick1566: My point is, its stupid to hold this against me. Its not like I commited a crime or murdered someone for christ sake

evil_chick1566: thats way worse

HIM: Im not saying you did any of those,but what you did do,amkes me uniterested in you

HIM: your like all the rest to me

evil_chick1566: I told you I did fwb before

evil_chick1566: and it never botherd me

evil_chick1566: what bothers me is a guy just using me for sex and that purpose only

evil_chick1566: cuz thats NOT what I am for

HIM: Oh bull * * * * ,thats exactly what you did with that guy

HIM: stop lying

evil_chick1566: No its not

evil_chick1566: I like him as a friend

evil_chick1566: I care about him as a friend

evil_chick1566: I cant use ppl like you Jason

evil_chick1566: where I just use them and forget them

evil_chick1566: That aint me

evil_chick1566: and I wont have that done to me

evil_chick1566: either

evil_chick1566: I care

evil_chick1566: thats the difference

evil_chick1566: you dont

evil_chick1566: I DO

HIM: Your right,you aint me.And you serve no use to me either.Yes i can use people with the drop of a hat,so what.

evil_chick1566: You honestly think id just let any guy touch em and do as they please?

evil_chick1566: * * * * NO

evil_chick1566: me^

HIM: Well then i suggest you get on your way and go find yourself a good guy.Because this is getting either of us nowhere

evil_chick1566: I honestly think it could. you told me you respected me and when I read and re read what you wrote I can honestly say that a guy has never said that to me before and how much I valued that.

HIM: No,i DID respect you

evil_chick1566: I KNOw

HIM: Now i cant seem to find a use or a reason for me to still be talking to you

HIM: And you can show your friends this conversation too.

I dont care.In fact here"To all those reading this,i hope you enjoyed,and you too can kiss my ass"

evil_chick1566: Your a sweetheart and im sure you would sacrafice things to make a realtionship work,which is why your a far better person than i

HIM: Sacrafice?Ya,id thorw the next person under a bus if it benefitted me

evil_chick1566: you said that to me jason

evil_chick1566: Lol,but theres a bright side,I found a good friend in you,that leaves me open to sleep with some silly cartoon hookr i could care less about

evil_chick1566: lOL 2 the bus

HIM: Here let me put myself in perspective here,what if i gave you the choice of either going to a motel with me or me just deleting this account and never talking to you again.Seems mean huh?But thats me

evil_chick1566: I wouldn't like that.


evil_chick1566: Friendship is a two way street.

HIM: Im making this not tlaking to me thing easy for you.So whats your choice?

evil_chick1566: Let meet at a hotel.

HIM: You say the words but do you really think you can go through with it

evil_chick1566: Yeah. I take a risk.

evil_chick1566: what the hell.

HIM: ok whens good for you

evil_chick1566: Saturday night

HIM: to far away

HIM: gotta be sooner

evil_chick1566: Fine, Wednesday night.

evil_chick1566: after 10:30pm

HIM: hmm ok what motel is close to you

evil_chick1566: theres a lot.

evil_chick1566: I dk. whatever is cheapest

evil_chick1566: Maybe motel 8

mister_me2014: Hmm i know a cheap one in XXX called XXX on xxx

evil_chick1566: lol @ the name..

evil_chick1566: xxx eh? is that by the mall

HIM: all the down the other end on xxx

evil_chick1566: By xxx, Im trying to picture the street

HIM: ya right before xxx

evil_chick1566: Ah Ok

evil_chick1566: Well you set it up and give me a call.

HIM: And why are you going there?

evil_chick1566: Why cuz you wanted me to you gave me a choice so thats my choice

HIM: But why are you going there?Whatcha think im inviting you there for?Whatcha really wanna do?

evil_chick1566: youll see when we meet


evil_chick1566: you want to use me right

HIM: Tell me instead,gives me something to look forward too

evil_chick1566: you said you dont care about me anymore..so you might as well use me like the * * * * * that you think i am

evil_chick1566: im sure your looking forward to another "cartoon * * * * * "


evil_chick1566: hey you asked

evil_chick1566: imt elling you

evil_chick1566: u want to use me then lets go

evil_chick1566: i aint afraid

evil_chick1566: im ready

evil_chick1566: lets do this

evil_chick1566: ill be your "cartoon * * * * * " for the night

evil_chick1566: thats what you want

evil_chick1566: isnt it?

HIM: Ya and? But the fact reamins,if its not what you want,then dont show up

evil_chick1566: Oh I wont miss this for the world

HIM: Sarcasum and anger,gotta love a spirited person,but niether ass up to you wanting to do it

HIM: add*

evil_chick1566: Why do you say that? Im a * * * * * to you now and you said I'll do it again..so why do you think I wont?

evil_chick1566: confused are we?


HIM: Not at all.But you seemed to be.

HIM: Your again going to do something you dont wanna do,and for what,a guy?

evil_chick1566: Seemed to be what jason?

HIM: I always told you,the fun is when they are into doing it to.Not out of a choice,but out of a desire.You dont have that

HIM: So oyur not exactly what im looking for

evil_chick1566: Who ever said I did or didn't want to?

evil_chick1566: you dont know what Im thinking

HIM: You didnt wanna do it.Which is why you agrred when it became a choice.You didnt voluntarily suggest it out of your want to do it

evil_chick1566: Well thats nice and all but since Im considered a " * * * * * " in your eyes I would think you'd already know I would do that

evil_chick1566: without giving a choice.

HIM: I think what you need to do,is forget i existed and move on.

evil_chick1566: Cause you know Im truly not a * * * * * .

HIM: Well thas obvious,but you shouldnt act like one either

evil_chick1566: I knew it.

evil_chick1566: I dont need to act nothing. I am who I am.

evil_chick1566: Glad I got you to admit it tho.

HIM: yup

evil_chick1566: Then why say I a when you know I aint manipulative

evil_chick1566: am^

evil_chick1566: very amusing.

evil_chick1566: right?

HIM: If you find it as such

evil_chick1566: Then why say I am something when you know I aint? You like being manipulative?

HIM: Manipulative?How can i possibly make a person think or do anything.All i do is talk,and the ball is in their court ot with as they wish

evil_chick1566: People can be very conviencing to try and manipulate peoples feelings

evil_chick1566: smooth talkers

evil_chick1566: and such

evil_chick1566: right?

HIM: dunno

evil_chick1566: mister_me2014: Because you are a sweetheart and your honest,and you make me smile mister_me2014: Well im your friend,and ill always be here when you need someone,but you dont wanna get wrapped up with me beyond that...SiGHS


evil_chick1566: maybe your right

evil_chick1566: in that last sentence

HIM: Well duh

evil_chick1566: I just think your afraid of a realtionship cuz you may have been hurt bad before but thats my opinion

evil_chick1566: right?

HIM: nope

evil_chick1566: ok then answer this...Then why say I am something when you know I aint?

HIM: Well you definatly were on that night,maybe not normaly

HIM: figure if someone points it out,maybe next time you would think twice

HIM: but wait,thats what friends are for,no wait your friend encouraged you to do it

evil_chick1566: No she didn't. I choose to take a risk and try something out of my comfort zone. What my friend did tell me is that shes tried of dudes playing her and decided if they gonna use her she gonna use them back I just took her thought into consideration she never told me to do it. I have a MIND of me OWN. I dont need friends telling me what to do

evil_chick1566: Which is true

HIM: Ya,and your seem to be making such great choices on your own

evil_chick1566: if the gonna use u might as well use them back

evil_chick1566: Like you never done something out of your comfort zone or took a risk?

evil_chick1566: Common, everyone has.

evil_chick1566: I feared it and faced it.

evil_chick1566: Doesnt mean Im a bad person for it or totally changed.

HIM: You just dont get it

evil_chick1566: Doesnt mean Im a bad person for it or totally changed.

HIM: Hey keep taking chances and risks,maybe next time you can get pregnant or better yet you can get hiv

HIM: foolish people

evil_chick1566: You dont think I know that? I told you that * * * * scares me

evil_chick1566: This was with someone I KNEW

evil_chick1566: Totally diff then a stranger

HIM: You "knew" LMAO,you Knew what he told you is all,dosent mean * * * * if you talk to a person

evil_chick1566: hes a friend

evil_chick1566: of course i know him

evil_chick1566: thats the diff..your doing ppl u dk

evil_chick1566: we hung out in person

evil_chick1566: were friends

HIM: Friend?Well he should be more than thatby now,or if he is just still your friend,then you were a * * * * ,not a hoe,that night,cause ho's are smart enought o be paid for it

evil_chick1566: Have you ever had a FWB?

HIM: Umm no!

evil_chick1566: lol appearently

HIM: Cause then my "friends" are * * * * s in my eyes and i dont keep compnay like that

evil_chick1566: but you just use a girl who you dont know and could contract HIV and STDs lol

evil_chick1566: ??

HIM: "Lol Apparently" Ya,its funny alright,sex acts are a joke to you,thats nice

evil_chick1566: whereas someone you do know, you could trust

HIM: keep having fun with it

HIM: Cause this conversation on us are DONE

evil_chick1566: Not joking

HIM: Me neither

HIM: we are finished

evil_chick1566: Giving up quickly. Nice.

HIM: So Goodbye-Goodluck and thats all

evil_chick1566: Yeah thanks. Good luck to you too...If you say so, I do deserve better, I can picture me being an emotional wreck with this wishy washy stuff.

evil_chick1566: I hope you can find a decent girl somday.

HIM has signed out. (4/6/2009 12:55 AM)


evil_chick1566: someday.

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What's the question? Sorry, have you met this guy? Can't really work out what the question is that you're asking, and the conversation between two people seems to be a bit meandering (I gave up half way through, sorry).


I would find someone in real life - online conversations are a bit meaningless, I think.

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Leave this guy alone. Why do you keep degrading yourself by chasing him? He's feeding on it and you're not getting anyhitng out of it.


I have to say, I read the entire post. OP, you seemed really pathetic. You want to meet a guy that calls you a ***** in a hotel room to... what, prove you're NOT one? That makes no sense!


This is why women so often are accused of wanting the "bad boy" and shunning the nice guys.

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No offense, but if you're really 23 years old, you should have more common sense than to agree to meet a total stranger from the internet in a motel room.


My guess is that your self-esteem is so low, that you allow yourself to be talked to and treated in this way.


I would put a higher value on myself, and stop this nonsense before you end up in the gutter.

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Its so hard because from out 1st convo he was so sweet and I really enjoyed talking to him and just like that he changes his opinion of me in a blink of an eye, which is totally bogus. I guess I am dellusional thinking I can change this guys mind, and I know I can't make people change their minds and feelings, but I thought if we met in person he would see the person who he got to know. I guess its stupid to waste my time on a jerk like this but I really felt a connection with him and thought this would be totally different, in my mind I guess I still do. I know he's a jerk and how he said those things to me were totally uncalled for. Ugh. Sorry its just hard.

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No offense, but if you're really 23 years old, you should have more common sense than to agree to meet a total stranger from the internet in a motel room.

My guess is that your self-esteem is so low, that you allow yourself to be talked to and treated in this way.


I would put a higher value on myself, and stop this nonsense before you end up in the gutter.


No, I like myself and I am totally confident in myself. I just really had strong feelings for this guy and wanted to work things out.

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I'm sorry, but I couldn't even read the convo all the way because my blood pressure shot up after a while.




This guy is sitting here calling you a wh*** & sl** because you had a FWB relationship, & you keep laughing everything off.


Even after he tells you he doesn't want to have anything to do with you, you tell him how you went to the porn shop & you should've used a whip on him!?


It seems like you're really insecure.


If you truly believe that nothing you did was wrong, you shouldn't allow someone to tell you otherwise.


He was being as rude as he could possibly be, & you never once put him in his place. You kept "LOL"ing & changing the subject to try & lighten up the mood.


I don't think this guy has any intentions of having a good friendship, or anything for that matter, with you.


If you care about yourself at all, and have the least bit of dignity & respect for yourself...you'll stop talking to this guy.

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I have stopped talking to him. That convo was the last time I did talk to him. I just can't help but think about our very 1st convo over and over again. Your right, I did nothing but LOL and trying to change the subject so he'd shut up about it and maybe we could go back to the way things were, but obviously that didn't work. I know I deserve much better no doubt in that but its hard when I have strong feelings for him.

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I have stopped talking to him. That convo was the last time I did talk to him. I just can't help but think about our very 1st convo over and over again. Your right, I did nothing but LOL and trying to change the subject so he'd shut up about it and maybe we could go back to the way things were, but obviously that didn't work. I know I deserve much better no doubt in that but its hard when I have strong feelings for him.


Having strong feelings for someone, or even being in LOVE with someone, doesn't excuse his behavior.


You need to love yourself first, or else nobody else will.

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It's true - what PsychGirly is saying. Would you be attracted to a guy who responded in that way to you? If you were calling him names and being rude, rejecting and cold and his response was to laugh it off, change the subject and try meet up with you anyway - what would you think?


I don't know. I would really just take it as a lesson learnt. Sometimes people are not what they initially seem. Sometimes we make judgements about someone's character too soon. Sometimes we fall for someone too quickly because all we know about them is a small fraction of their personality. If I were you, I would be grateful that you saw this very nasty side of him sooner rather than later.

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