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He's going on a trip with a former love & her bf


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I've been with him for 2 1/2 years, and it's long distance. I'm naturally insecure, but it's not because of him. We have a great relationship, and he's an amazing guy. He's left for a trip today (for only about a day or so but it's overnight) to see a show with his two friends who are a couple. Until I asked directly, he neglected to mention that the woman just happens to be a former love he's told me about.


He's known her since he was 16, and he's 29 now. He told me before that he loved this girl for 8 years, finally told her, and she didn't feel the same. However, he also told me before that a few years back she had a bit too much to drink and wanted to sleep with him, but he said no. She now lives with her bf of a couple years, and he says these feelings were years ago.


I'm not at all worried that he will do anything because he's just not that kind of guy. Not to mention her bf will be there. However, 8 years is a long time to feel that way about someone, and I worry that old feelings would come back up that are beyond his control. I'm honestly not sure how often he's seen her since then. I've never seen this girl, not that it really matters, but there must be something pretty amazing about her.


I'm trying not to be irrational about this, and I want to be fair to him because I do trust him, and he was very comforting to me when I admitted I was a bit jealous. I guess the feeling is just being uncomfortable. Not in the sense that I'd try to stop it...but it's a little weird I guess. Would it be weird to you too?

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As you said, you trust him and her bf is going to be there the whole time, plus this is a crush from a long, long time ago. There are situations posted to this forum where I would think the opportunity plus the temptation would make things risky, but this isn't one of them.

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