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I'm over the breakup, but I think I still love her...

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After 2 months of No Contact on my end, I finally spoke to my ex.


She called me at 830 in the morning while I was sleeping. I thought it was my boss calling me so I answered the phone without looking at the caller ID and it was her. I was still half sleeping and she caught me by surprise.


She was looking for some of her stuff back, she said she was moving soon. I believe it was just an excuse to call me, the things she left behind are very trivial and unimportant. She also said that she had been thinking about me lately.


I ended the conversation at about the 3 minute mark and said I had to go, I would get in touch with her when I was back in town and get her stuff back to her.


I did not tell her I had been thinking about her too, or that I missed her. I didnt ask any details, I just kept it short and simple.


Point of the story is, I think I may still love her. I am confused though because... I can now look at pictures of her and not feel anxious. Days go by where I do not think about her. I do not feel lonely, nor do I long for her like I did after we broke up. I really didnt have any urge to speak to her, in fact I was the one who told her I didnt want to speak to her and then ignored all her attempts at contact for two months.


Im not in emotional turmoil and honestly doing great... Ive lost about 20 pounds and got back into great shape, ive focused on work and have been making more money... and even though im not sad about what happened I still think i may want her back.


Any thoughts about what im going through at this stage? Its been about 4 months since the breakup, she broke up with me and we were together for a year.

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I say, get her stuff back and once you arrive at her place, be friendly with her. She might be regretting her decision. If you love her, go after her. Her moving away may be a sign that you should get back together with her. (Maybe she won't be moving that far, anyways!)


Do what's best for your heart. If you love her, like I said before, go after her. If you don't care about her, drop her stuff and her, turn around, and walk out of her life. Forever.

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