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I think I'm in love with my best friend's ex.

I'm not shy I just haven't wanted to admit it (but I have soooo much). Every other girl that has come up I compare to her. I'm always thinking about her. I think I am pretty messed up for this. Sarah and Arnolen were like family for around 6 years to me through the good and my broke azz bad moments. Even the mistakes I made earlier were to make sure I didn't make one with her. I haven't been able to shake this but I was always loyal to Arnolen even in my dreams. Now i'm not sure if they are together or not and I know she has a child but that doesn't matter. I really just cant go down a Judas path. Lately there has been no contacting Arnolen so I'm not sure if they are trying to get back together. What do you all think get my girl or hold my mans down? Suck it up move on and think about her over kind and cognac?

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Okay, your story got confusing when you started naming names.


But make sure they're split up if you decide to go for it. Of course, DON'T go for it if they're together or trying to get back together.


Personally, I don't see anything wrong with dating a friend's ex. But you should decide how risky to your friendship it would. Let your friend know about it if you're close and want to pursue it.

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Me and my friend both were interested in dating this girl yet even after they went on a few dates she contacted me like she didn't. When I figured out what was going on, I asked my friend if they were dating and if he was interested. I played finders keepers and backed down (I said I was really REALLY gay lol).


So be sure to take my advice and seriously ask your friend:


If he wouldn't mind you dating his ex

How he feels about his ex

What he thinks about you and his ex getting together


After his answers you can make up your mind.

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