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Is sex really THAT good?


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No, sex is deffinatly not everything.


It's all about finding the right person, having a connection with them, and THEN the sex can be amazing depending on the love and connection you share.


Like for me, I could never have sex with someone I wasn't in love with or commited to.


Sex without commitment and love, would be extremly bland and pointless to me.


However, sex with my boyfriend whom I am totaly commited to and head over heels in love with, is GREAT.


It just depends.


I'd say wait for someone who comes along that you want to be with. Don't just go out and find someone for a one night stand, if you do that I promise it wont be good.

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I think the FIRST time you have sexed is overhyped.


The actual having sex, for me, is everything its hyped up to be and more.


But there are alot of factors, and people view sex differently, treat it differently, want it under different circumstances, etc.

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I've only had sex with the one guy, whom I happen to love so it's amazing. There were a few months of sexual tension before we did it, so that helped as well. For me personally, getting to know him and establishing an emotional connection really helped. It's just incredibly intense and intimate.


Some people apparently can have amazing sex with someone they've just met, but I personally don't think that'd be up my street. It also helps when you've been sleeping with the person for some time, because you learn what works, what each other love etc!


So basically, the right sex IS amazing and totally worth the wait.

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Good sex is fatastic!! You need your sesnses to be satisfied..touch,smell,taste,sound,emotionally and you have to be aroused. For this to happen you need someone genuinely nice to please you right on all levels.

Unfortunately too many over state its glamour. You can get hungry for sex but once its satisfied and reality sets in you realise its real worth. A passing moment of mutual intense passion

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For me, it's like pringles... once you have good sex with someone (which sometimes, it's hard to find someone who you ACTUALLY enjoy having sex with) you just can't stop. It's not what I first expected, especially since my first was awful. But once I had sex with someone who A) knew what they were doing B) we were passionate and I felt very strongly towards him as he did me, I definitely changed my views on sex. I bet your first time you'll either think Wow this was way better than I could have imagined or * * * I couldn't careless to ever do that again. Haha

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I first got sexual at 17. Over a matter of months it progressed from kissing to touching to removing clothes to fingering/handjobs to oral. I lost my virginity at 19, though, and in those two years I'd kissed a fair few guys, 'done stuff' with a small handful and finally worked up to sex with my current boyfriend, after we'd been 'doing stuff' for about three months.


So I think I enjoyed it because I took time to hone my skills at the small stuff, get comfortable with my sexuality and body, as well as guys' bodies! It just felt right to progress to sexual intercourse, because I had the confidence.

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