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What the?

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This just doesnt make any sense to me. I haven't spoken with my ex in over 2weeks. Truth be told, the only reason why we spoke at that tme was b/c I drunk dialed her (I know, my bad). She knows how I feel based on the way things ended after I saw her earlier last month...


Anyway, out of nowhere, she called me this morning at 7am to ask me if she should take her dog to the vet b/c her eye was red. RANDOM much? She didnt even think to say in her voice mail, "Hi, how are you. I'm sorry to bother you but..."... It was just 'odd' and I'm questioning her motives with that one...

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Continue on your road. Let it pass, it's just like the drunk dial you performed a couple weeks ago: There's no reason to look too much into it or try and find some silver lining. There is none. I've seen your other posts and it really sounds like you are doing well with your recovery, and you are finding the positives in the break up and in moving on with your life.


Keep going. There's nothing but great things ahead! Good luck!

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