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well where to start.


Basically me and this girl (M) Have been friends for the past 20 months ish. We met at college nearly 2 years ago. We met through a mutual friend.

I'd say pretty much from the first time i saw her i thought she was cute ( i'm bisexual btw - but swing more towards the lesbian side ).


Since then me and (M) have become closer friends-wise, have spent time together as friends (shopping, sleepovers, cinemas etc...) and as we have got more close i have begun to like her more to the point now where i think about her most of the time.But rather than friends i have been thinking about her as a "fancy" way.


Fastforward to June last year and it finally came out that she was going out with this girl Jan08 - March08 (over the internet) but had met once only to say "hi" as they were just passing. It was another one of our friends (P) that told me this when i eventually told (P) that i really liked (M).


Me and (M) then sort of had a "fall out" during which i went on my computer chat logs (wrong i know). I dont know why i did this, i guess i just wanted to find out if i could tell if she was gay/bi/straight. On one conversation she had with someone one night when she was at my house this girl had put "So have you come out to everyone yet?" to which (M) replied "No, only to my friend who i am with now. But it is ok because she likes me too." that was the end of the conversation. We made friends about 2 weeks later and i didnt question her about it.


Then (M) met this guy and started dating him december08. Fastforward to feb09 (valentines day). She came to the pub with me and turned her boyfriend down who had planned to take her out for a meal, sayin that she could "see him another time" because he had only told (M) about the meal during that day. I told (M) it was ok if she wanted to go to the meal and she said that "we had made plans". During that night she confessed that things wernt going well between them 2 as he was controling (that was her only explanation). She broke up with him the next day.


I had told her previously about my feelings but not quite to the right extent i just sed i had a little crush on her. Now she comes out with me every saturday night and always gives me glaces, there is times where we stare at eachother and i can feel like a bubble inside my stomach where i have to look away. I think she knows this as she always asks for a "staring competition" which i obviously always lose. Just little things like that and when my ex boyfriend turned up one night and started bugging me to the point where i was really upset she was the one who was there and gave me about 5-6 hugs in a row. Sometimes she gets really close to me to the point where i just want to kiss her but dont have the guts as i dunno how she feels.


Anyone out there to help to say what you think? All comments are welcome.



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If you feel like outwardly telling her you have feelings for her, and you feel it's right, then do it. The chemistry between you two could just be lust though, so she might not necessarily have "feelings" for you but rather is just attracted to you and is lusting as well.

I think you should just go for it, one night when you're out. I do this with my girlfriends all the time, and if it turns out awkward or either of us don't reciprocate, we just laugh it off the next day and things generally go back to normal! It's never ruined a friendship for me!

Are you just worried about rejection? To me it seems like she's hinting at you.

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Yeh so bascially what happened last night


I was getting ready to tell her my feelings and when im about to do something im nervous about i go really quiet. She recognised this and asked me "whats the matter" and i just blurted it out basically all about liking her and that i didnt want this to come in the way of our friendship. She just sort of said " ok" and gave me a smile. So i said "now you believe me?" and she sed " a bit "


This was gettin quite late and we both went home. She text me sayin " Bit random. So i just sent one back. That was pretty much the end of that convo and she sed she would text me in the morning (today).


I really dont think shes interested ](*,)

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