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Should I forget what happened and go back to being friends?


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I am in a group of tight friends at uni and recently one of them who i'd liked for a while told me he thought i was 'hot'. A week after we kissed, he stayed at mine, tried to have sex with me and i knocked him back. He said he'd wait for me and he liked me didn't just want me to be a FWB. We told the rest of our friends the next day and they were very shocked and said we need to be serious about each other if we go down this road because if we hurt each other it would affect the whole groups friendship. He wasn't very positive in response and said he didn't know what was gonna happen and what he wanted and got freaked out by them. We said we'd see how it goes. Unfortunately this was right at the end of my term and now I've gone home for a few weeks for easter.

Anyway we haven't spoken at all since being back home and I have a sense that this guy isn't really all that sure about me. This makes me mad because I feel he shouldn't have said anything to begin with if he wasn't. I just was wondering if I should pretend nothing happened when we go back to uni in a few weeks? I kind of have the opinion if someone likes you they will do something about it but he hasn't done anything. He's also really weird with girls like blows hot and cold who he dates and I'm scared he will do that to me and wreck our friendship. If i stop now I can go back to being friends. Just looking for some advice really......

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If you already know he's not great for relationships then it's indeed better not to date him.


He already did half of the job by not acting like a boyfriend during these days you've been away so you probably won't even have to say anything, just keep treating him as a friend when you meet again.

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