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Slow down just take your time


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You guys I met a wonderful woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But she just got out a 2 year relationship and she is not ready for a relationship right now, but she loves my personality, because I'm charming, polite, considerate, and not selfish and I look like the type of person that she wants to be with.. She just got of the relationship thursday and she told her how so many friends and people came up to her and asked her so what's up with me and you and she keep saying nothing..My thing is this I'm not ready for a relationship either, because I still gotta do what I have to do for myself and so does, she since she be in three straight relationships without a break. and she wants to focus on herself.


She knows that I love her so much, since we been out together, but she didn't want me to put my feelings into it since she was about to end things with her SO. But she doesn't want me to do it as of now!!



My question to you guys is what can I really do now? I'm lost between my feelings for her and wanting to be her friend. I want something between us but I know that me and her should focus our attention with ourselves first? She makes me happy though

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O I'm listening I don't want her to rush and I never felt this way about a woman. She believes I love her just by looking me in my eyes and she wants to re-evaluate herself. I told her take as long as you need,but I won't be able to stop loving you and I know that I'm only a friend, but I'm going to do whatever to make and keep you happy.

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It really depends on the girl. See what she's looking for in a best friend, and give her only some of these.


Me and my friend [we constantly flirt with each other, just because eventually we may go out] have actually concluded that the easiest way to make sure the person knows your interested is to continuously lightly flirting with them.


But really, back to my first sentence. Depends on the individual.

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O what are examples of too much?


Just don't be too self-sacrificing or avaliable for her beck and call. That should go without saying, though. If she's worth your time then she's not the kind of person who would ask you to put yourself into that position.

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