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Just something for anyone that feels like giving up


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I wrote this at a time whe I felt like qutting.


Just know patience is gold

Keep chasing your dreams no matter what you’re told

Even when it feels like you’re lost in the night

Keep moving and never give up the fight

Even on days where it hurts so much you have to cry

Never give up and always keep your head to the sky

Life gets hard many times with violence, poverty, war, and disease

There just seems to be too many unhappy people to please

Hungry kids starving and still not given food to eat

I shed tears as bodies pile on the street

Too many people are left alone to face the pain inside

Then we wonder what would make one commit suicide

People would rather seek money than help a person in need

It’s hard being a decent person in a world full of greed

Then we have crazy psychopaths that don’t think twice about blasting

There is a huge shadow that suffering is casting

All the haters in this world waiting for you to fail

Innocent people locked up in jail

Yeah it seems hopeless sometimes

Even little kids fall victim to war crimes

Don’t give in to the pain even if you’re at the end of the rope

Dry your eyes and please don’t ever lose hope

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