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what does 'im stressed cos i still fancy you mean"?

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so i ran into an ex the other day and he is from liverpool in england and I am from Australia.


After we saw each other he messaged me about a few things one of which was that he was stressed because he still fancied me. I dont know what 'fancies me' means. Kinda confused.


He then went on to say that he is glad he wont see me again (I live in a different city) as he would be too tempted to see me again and he would maybe be too tempted to get close. He says he feels like he would be tempted mostly because things feel open ended to him.


This has really confused me. I told him I am in no way interested in 'seeing' him like that again and that it wouldnt be ok with me or his gf or him and he agreed and said that is why he doesnt want to see me again but that he is also kind of stressed because it has been on his mind and he still fancies me.


he has always had trouble talking about his feelings so I am wondering if he is saying that he still has feelings for me but down playing it. I dont know.


It is confusing for me because I have always had feelings for him and even though I have no interest in being with him again, it would be kind of nice for me to know he still has feelings too, like I actually did mean a lot to him.


so what do english people mean when say fancy you and what do u make of this?

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Well, from the word fancy, there could be two meanings. He finds you attractive or he wants to be with you. But, he goes on to say he'd be tempted to get close again. To me, I think he still has feelings for you. Being glad about not being near you maybe has to do with the fact that even though he has feelings for you he probably thinks that if things didnt work out the first time they probably wont work in general. So, in that sense he's glad.

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