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I think a good friend is gay and I want to be there for her

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I did post on another forum but I did't get any advice:


It's my first post on here but I thought it's better to ask online rather than ask people I know and I would be really grateful for some advice.

I really think one of my good friends is a lesbian in fact I'm pretty sure, she's a lovely person and is also really pretty and has had a lot of guys ask her out and shes always said no, but more recently I was checking my mail on her pc and alot of links for sexuality issues came up.She's not the Religious type so it's not that, I guess she is embarased and afraid of her family and friends reaction and being treated differently.I really want to let her know I'm ok about it, I don't personally find girls attractive but I'm in no way disgusted by her and I really want to be there to listen and help and just be a good friend, what would be the best way to talk to her about it?, or what should I do?.

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Until she chooses to talk about it then all you have is conjecture and revealing that along with your impromptu investigation would have the opposite effect you're going for.


Continue being a good friend and let her open up (if there's anything to it) on her own accord.

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I have a friend, and by that i don't mean, "one of my friends". i mean the one person that i refer to as "My Friend". I love her very much and have been there for her through alot. And i mean ALOT. She has always known about her homosexuality, but tried to deny it. She has just recently began to come to terms with it. Everybody is different, but from my experience and what i see her go through, it is a very painful process. You will most likely have to deal with a huge amount of anguish, hate, confusion, the question "why", depression, denial, acceptance, more denial and most of all, a stupid feeling that she isnt "normal". all you can do is be there for her. listen to what she has to say. Dont pass judgement, good or bad. just listen.


and that is only IF she is, and even then, MAYBE it will go down like that. everyone is different.

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A lot of homosexuals are afraid to come out to their friends, especially females. They are worried you will think they will hit on you etc. I wouldnt force the issue, but if the topic of homosexuality comes up, make comments about how your ok with it. Maybe then, she will open up and talk. If not, like other ppl said, just continue being a good friend to her.

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