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Double standards


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Okay so I finished it, but it was because he wouldn't commit after 6 months so I didn't want it to end, but I couldn't go on and we sort of mutually agreed that it was fairer that it was over.


I just hate that he can text me to say he's thinking about me or missing me, yet I don't feel I can do the same to him...


Today has been the worst. We work together and today was the first time I didn't feel any 'love' from him... and I'm not sure what's changed... the day before he'd emailed to check if I was okay, and seemed miserable that he was going home to do nothing on his own again... yet today there was nothing!?


I do feel like it's over BUT for a little while I did have a feeling with all the things he was doing, even on Monday that we might get back 'together'...


Because he was so quiet at work today I'm dying to text him to see if he's okay... but I'm telling myself I can't. Just hate it as it goes against, not only my feelings towards him and wanting to see if he's okay but goes against my nature, as a friend I want to check he's okay!?

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even though it was a "mutual" agreement, in a way, he pretty much rejected you for the last 6 months ... so you really shouldn't be checking up on him nor should you feel guilty for not doing so .. if he was able to commit to you, you'd be with him now ... so essentially he's been in control all along and even now .. you can take control of things and not contact him ..


do you know why he didn't want to commit to you? if you are interested in getting back together with this guy (and only if you think there's a chance of commitment), it might be worthwhile to figure out why things have ended this way ..

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