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Breaking up when NC isn't an option


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Ok, so the other day my best/longest friend dropped his plans on me to break up with his girlfriend. I thought it was probably for the best, but after the conversaton, I was thinking about how tough this might be for him, considering that she lives with all of our best friends and that's the place we generally congregate for parties and such.


We have a pretty tight social group, and seeing as NC is generally the rule of thumb with breakups, it seems like this might pose a bit of a problem for everybody.


It's happened before in this group too, and ended up being one of the more awkward 2-3 months of everybody's lives.


What can be done when NC isn't really an option after a break up. I think it will be good for them individually in the long run, but am sort of concerned about how it's going to affect them when the whole "gang" is together.


Eh.. maybe I'm overthinking this a bit or being a bit selfish - is it just me, or doesn't this complicate things a bit? I understand there isn't much I can do from where I stand, but generally, it's made me wonder how one can go about handling such a situation?

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yeah, it might help him at this time to get involved with another group of people, like people from church or some social organization, so he has other people to socialize with, at least until the feelings of hurt die down and maybe they can be friends again.

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