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Making dinner for a girl


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Hey all,

I am having a girl who I have been dating over at my place for dinner this week. We have been a bit on/off but for whatever reason I really want to take care of her and make it a great night. She has been working her butt off lately. I was just wondering if anyone had any unique ideas to add on to any of my own. Or if they have any constructive criticism (lol). Maybe something you remember from a dinner date that stood out to you. I would love some creative ideas here.


My ideas:

-She is coming over around 8. I will start cooking around 7 so I can be just finishing when she arrives. Maybe she can help prepare the salad for fun

-I will be cooking salad with avacado, walnuts, with a bit of goat cheese. Shrimp skewers w peppers and onions on a bed of rice pilaf.

-Either white wine or some kind of mixed drink

-Dessert ideas anyone?

-Will bring out some nice dishes/utencils, cloth napkins!! (Im a bachelor in his early 20s), a few unscented tea candles, a low light in the corner, some soft jazz in the background

-After dinner we will probably talk for a while, maybe watch a few episodes of a show that I recorded for her, give her a massage with the new massage oils that I bought leading to er... a pillow fight of course

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Don't forget the flowers, something small and sweet for the centerpiece...not too big you cannot see her and put them in something creative...other than a vase...don't forget to ask her to dance and whether you are good at this it doesn't matter...hold her close and act confident....make sure your breath is on the nape of her neck and your arms are holding her at the small of her back...women love the small of their own back (it makes us feel thinner)...for dessert...it sounds cliche, but is so enjoyable...chocolate covered strawberries...make them yourself by melting down bakers chocolate, dip and let set up on wax paper, or set up a fondue dessert course...the choices are so fun. One more touch...you could make up a faux menu that has nothing to do with food but seems as though it does...each of the courses, but instead of food, maybe feelings or joking around about when you will discuss whatever...just a thought... have fun!

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