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So there is a girl, one I really like(d).

3 years ago, we "dated", but nothing ever happened, not even a kiss

The situation then totally blow up.


I didn't see/hear her for 2 years, and last summer she broke up with her BF.

She joined our group again.


A few weeks ago I asked her to design my personal webspace, b/c she is a webdesigner. I would give her a coupon for a shop in return


Last weekend I organised a party where I was the dj, she came.


Yesterday she called me (I was like "huh? wow, cool, she never did that")

A couple of hours later she texted me "Are we friends?"


The txt conversation was this:


she: "are we friends?"

me "is that a trick question?"

she "no"

me "I guess Yes then"

she "apparently no"

me "I cannot follow"

then I called her twice, she didn't pick up the phone

conversation ended


I really liked her, 3 years ago, but now I "only" contacted her to design my webspace, and I would give her money/coupon in return


Is she wanting more ?

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Things blew up b/c I wanted more and she didn't


now we are NO friends, b/c neither of us calls the other one to go out/dinner/movie... we just meet when both of us go to the same place (this only happens like 4 times a year)

And when we meet, the conversation is only like 2 minutes


So I wouldn't call that friendship


yes she is one of my facebook "friends", so what?

yes she is on my msn list, but we never talk, so what?


So I was really curious why she asked that question, we had a pure professional relationship, she "develops" something for me, and I would "pay"

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