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So the last couple days have been very confusing, but today seemed to clear everything up. I'm pretty sure she likes me

Here is what gave me idea that she liked me again :


First off she started finally taking my journal back up again.


I presented this group activity today, and we were playing like it was Jeopardy (sorry if you do not know what that is) and when someone got an answer right I'd say "pick another" really fast, and after a while she started to mimic me and laugh.


At the end of my class my teacher did this lecture, and we were siting accross from each other and I noticed she would look at me and when I looked at her she would look away real quick, like she wasn't looking at me. She also sat how I was siting, if i sat back in my sit with my arms crossed she did the same thing.


And at the end of class when i was walking down the hall, instead of rushing head of everyone she kind of stayed back right infront of me, and kept glanicing back at me (i think she was waiting for me to ask her out) and I was going too but....my friend (whom is a girl) yelled my name out and was yelling where you going wait for me blah blah, and i was thinking, "thanks alot *her name*", but I shouldn't blame it on her , but there is always tomorrow.


Just wanted to keep ya'll up to date and hopefully I will have some good news tomorrow Here is how im planning to ask her out....


Me: "Hey Toyota, you wanna do something this weekend."

Her: "Sure!." (hopefully that is what she will say)

Me: "Great!, wanna go catch a movie together friday(saturday if she is busy friday)."

Her: "Sounds great!"

Me: "Whats your phone numer, so i can call you friday (or saturday) and come pick you up (etc.)."

Her: "###-####"

Me: *Scribble scribble* "Ok, I'll cya in class tomorrow, bye!."

Her: "Cya"


What do ya'll think? That is how i hope it will go, if she says no I'll just take it from there, ok thanks for reading this .


Cya'll Later

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