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What should I do next?


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basically, there was this incredibly attractive guy at my gym and for months we would always look at each other and smile and that was all of the contact. I could never gather up the courage to go talk to him since I am a firm believer in the guy making the first move.


anyways, I saw him out one night and he ended up pulling me over to talk to him and we talked majority of the night, exchanged numbers, totally hit it off, and made out a little bit. He asked me to come hang out afterwards, HOWEVER, i got pulled over for not having my lights on and had to go through the whole walk a straight line, follow my finger, and stand on one foot test before i could go home. While being occuppied by the police, I had 3 missed calls from him.


So the next day (thursday) i texted him to get his last name since I couldnt remember from the night before so I could find him on facebook. Our conversation was basically him mkaing sure i was ok and asked me if i was going to the gym or going out that night. I told him I just wanted to take it chill that night. So he said for me to call him later if i wanted to do anything.


I never called that night but texted asking him what his plans were for saturday night No response. Friday i tried one more time asking him what his plans were for saturday night and i got a response right away. He told me his fraternity was having an all day fundraiser event and then renting out a bar that night, that i should come. I told him i would after i got off work that night and that i would text him the next day since he was unsure where they were renting out a bar.


Saturday I texted him about 5pm and asked him if they had figured out where there were going that night. No response. No response the rest of the night OR at all sunday.


So monday i went to the gym and he was there. we made eye contact a few times, kinda smiled a little bit, but no interaction. I felt like it was kind of ackward like he could have not recieved my texts and thought i blew him off and i thought he blew me off. So after leaving the gym i texted him and asked him if he was doing anything that night. he responsed "no i probably wont do anything until thursday night". That text might have meant nothing but i felt turned down.


So today i go to the gym again and hes there. I get on the treadmill and do my warm up walk and see him talking to this guy and they are looking at me. So i start to run and right as i start to run my guy runs over to me to talk. He made small talk like making sure everything was ok the other night and apologized for not coming out last night that he wasnt feeling well and had a lot of school work to do. He also asked about school and what year i was, etc. then went back to working out.


The thing is, I want to hang out with him but I dont know how to go about it. I think the guy has ALOT of potential. He isnt like the normal guys i date. Ive always dated guys that werent good enough for me and always brought me down by belittling me. I obviously dont know this guy well but i know hes in school for business finance and has his stuff together. Im sure ill see him at the gym tomorrow. I want to suggest hanging out but dont want to seem overly desperate.


Plus, i just got out of a very strenuous relationshp and at times abusive. I just want to get to know this guy and take it slow. HELP!

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Go for a post-workout snack/smoothie somewhere. It's very casual but it's right after the workout so there's little worry of not getting texts, etc. Ask him how his frat events went and anything else that's going on with him. Try being flirty when asking about things, like "So are you one of those Animal House types, with crazy parties and everything?" Suggest working out together or getting breakfast or something.


But please, don't play games. If he's as level headed as you say, games will a waste of time. Be up front and true about yourself and what you want.


Just some silly suggestions, take 'em with a grain of salt.

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