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Met her while studying? what do you think?


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Hey Everyone,


All I can say I'm improving I think but heres the story. So on sunday, I went studyin to a school, and It was me him and his friend. He has no interest in her. But basically he left to the washroom, and she just entered the room. So I walked up to her and said " hey my name is **** and she introduced herself and said "Im just listenting to a lecture" I said yeah no worries.


So as the they progressed I opened up and I made her laugh sooo much with my funny accents, I was mature at times as well. I was good on improv. Like I can do funny things, I made her laugh lot!!


She asked me how old I was? I Said how old do u think I am she said 25, I said 29. But then I told her 21.


So, I was kidding with her and im like look the veins on my arm look like the first two letter s of my first name and shes like " yeah right" and im like yah look... and she looked and she said " hahaha wow thats crazy".. I said somehting like I would never beat my Wife (it was in context with what we were talkin about some how i dunno) She said "Im not your wife but im flattered lol.


So the next day... were all studyin again, this time I was hungry iml ike " hey we should all go grab something to eat... she said yeah sure, it ended up being me and her.... so were walking shes like "U talk a lot eh" im like not really .. as were walking , we ordered food at the place then brought it back..

I was walkin thinking to myself how can i get her #..then i said "hey do u have msn"? shes like i dont go on much, i said me neither... im like whats ur #? ill add u .. we both laughed and she said awkward but in a hilarious way...she gave it. at the end of the nigh she rubbed chalk on my face and i didnt even notice then i ofound out and i put chalk on her face... and she poured water on me lol


but yeah what do u guys think? Oh i forgot to add**


she and her friends came too yesterday and they said I should go tomrorow to this event, so i txt her i said " hey whats up? are you going to that event tomorrow? SHE DIDNT REPLY its been 2 hrs

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you are worried after 2 hours? some girls don't text for a day or two. why? who knows....busy, don't want to seem eager, etc. anything really.


sounds like she enjoys your presence. time will tell. stop second guessing yourself though. it sounds like you are confident in yourself, just keep that up.

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Not alot of girls are that flirty with a guy they just met for the second time, I'd say she was just taking her time to reply back. It sounds like you're doing fine. Besides 2 hours? The event was following day so there shouldn't be any rush. If she doesn't text you at all and ends up missing the event that another story.

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Just hold out and wait for a reply. Some people don't respond to txts asap. I know I don't. Anyways, with all the flirting goin' on I think she may be interested in you. You can ask her out on a date whne you feel ready. If you want to be with her don't take the risk of ending up in the friend zone. This will make things twice as hard and it'd def. be a waste of time to try to get her at that point.

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