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This is something I've always wondered. For the past few weeks or so, I've been having random spotting. Just usualy when I wipe (front and back.)


I'm not due for my period until another week, and I'm not pregnant because the test said I was neagative.


But these past few days I have been feeling slightly bloated.


What could be the cause? Like I know you can get spotting on the pill because I am on it, but I've also been on it for 8 months and never missed a pill. I've never really had spotting on it either



Has anyone had this happen?

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Didn't you just go to the doctor? Why didn't you bring this up if this has been happening for the past week or so? Also even though you have been on your birth control for 8 months doesn't mean it is perfect in your system and isn't going to cause spotting or whatever the case may be. When I was on the pill I would spot some times and other times I wouldn't.


You are due for your period in a week, that is probably the reason you feel bloated (PMS?)

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The only reason why I'm asking this, is because I DID go to the doctor.


I went there yesterday.


He says he wants to send me to a specialist to get an Endoscopy done and he either thinks it's IBS or an Ulcer. He did some more blood work and that will rule some other stuff out.


But I deffinatly need to go to the Gastrologist to find out what's up there.


Its just bugging me how I hadn't been having this spotting for a few days, and then it came back. And I used to be able to go to the bathroom (BM) sometimes up to 10 days, and now I struggle to go and am bloated.


It makes me feel akward.


Just wanting to know if anyone has experienced anything like this.

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And yellow, it could be Early pms. I sometimes get symptoms up to a week before my period.


But the spotting seems a bit odd.


PMS starts a week or two before your period, that is normal.


As for the spotting, it is always normal when on birth control and time for your period.

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Does anyone know any relief for constipation?


I've been constipated for about 2 days now. It REALLY hurts when I try to go. And I'm getting quite a bit of spotting. I start my placebo pills tonight, and I usualy get my period the 4th day of them, so maybe that's why?


Friday I couldnt STOP going to the bathroom. It was horrible.


But now I can't even go yesterday and today.


Any relief to make you go?

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Ew I'm hoping it's not hemmroids. My mom says she has them=/


I don't want that!


I tried laxatives Thursday night, thats why I had massive diahrreha and couldn't really leave the toliet on friday. And then yesterday and today, nothing.


I would take laxatives, but I'm going to wait a few days. It's bad to take those alot.

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i eat a lot of fiber and fiber filled foods, and don't have any bathroom issues. i eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain breads, beans, salads, chili, fiber 1 cereal, fiber 1 bars. adults are supposed to get 25 g of fiber a day, and most people don't! keep track of what you eat, read the nutrition labels. if you aren't eating 25 g of fiber a day, then i think i know why you are having bathroom problems.

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Yeah, that's what the doctor told me. That I either have an ulcer or IBS.


But I did take a small dose of laxatives.


We do have metumucil (fiber powder) I've been trying to put it in my water the last few days, but nothing.

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