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Length of time to pass for sexual content to be allowed???


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I'm easy. I liked D-man for like an entire year before we were dating so when we finally started, it SNOWBALLED! The first date I was too shy to even really kiss him, the second I gave him ONE kiss, the third I took my shirt of and we made out constantly, fourth things got REALLY intimate.


But I think when you feel it's right, I was INFATUATED with him and wanted to break a 2 year dry spell too.

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There isn't one set time limit, whenever you both feel is right.


I've been in relationships where we have had sex within a month of dating each other ( Knew each other for nearly 2 years prior) and my last relationship we dated for over 2 years on and off before we had full on sex, we fooled around earlier on than that though.

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It really depends on what you feel comfortable with and how your partner feels too. For example, my first "boyfriend" I never kissed him. That relationship only lasted for 1 month.


My next boyfriend, we kissed the first time we confessed that we liked each other. I think he started playing with my breasts maybe 1 - 2 weeks later? We did not start doing oral until 3 or 4 months later. I had sex with him after a year or so. However, this was my first boyfriend where we reached the sexual level of a relationship.


I had another boyfriend, and I slept with him after a month. Honestly, it varies and NEVER allow yourself to do something you're not comfortable with. It will make you feel guilty and maybe even sad afterward. I wished I never slept with the guy after 1 month.

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My first serious boyfriend (i was still a virgin but I had done other stuff), we kissed like, on the 2nd or 3rd date. In fact he actually said to me "wow, you don't waste any time, do you?" It was funny and well we basically did oral stuff about a month later? And slept together maybe 6 months later?


My second serious boyfriend... haha. It was like THUNDERBOLT! Like how Mario Puzo described Michael falling in love with the Sicilian girl in The GOdfather (love the book).


Anyway, saw him, fell for him in like a DAY, chased him, he chased me, got together say 2 weeks after that, kissed and held hands on the day we decided to go for it, the next day we had a date, that night we screwed 3 times.


Yeah it was FAST. Lasted 3 years. I still love him.

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my first serious relationship we waited over a month cause she was a virgin. My ex after her we slept together the first night and made things official afew weeks later. My current girlfriend, we both cared for one another so much that we wanted it to be special and waited 3 weeks. It just depends on your feelings for the person.

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