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Drunken calls


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hey i'm gonna keep it short. guys - early (like 4am) phone call to girl you used to (or presume used to as he now is dating someone - kinda serious i thnk) have a major crush on - still feelings there? or just kinda weird? i have a crush on him too and if something like this could mean theres still feelings there, i kinda would like something to happen. theres a connection, you know.

so what dyall think?



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i didnt answer - asleep. looked at my cell after it had rang to find out that he had called. we last talked in january when i saw him out with some work people at a local bar. everything was cool, i asked about this girl and he denied the fact he was dating her (my brother knows one of his friends and found out he IS dating her, and was at that time too). hes obviously into this girl hes dating but then why call me? damn i wish i answered. maybe hes still hung up on me? In a weird way i hope he is... ](*,)

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Years ago I called this girl I liked around 4:00 a.m. or so. She was home from college. A few days later I saw her stepdad at the bar. He was being a real jerk to me. I couldn't understand why. My friend told me that when I called the girl he was the one who answered and I woke him up. I didn't even remember making the phone call.


My friend's fiancee is best friends with an ex of mine. So I was helping him move in with her. After we got done we started to drink. Naturally the fiancee brought up my ex. So she gave me her phone number and I called her while I was there. When I got home I called my friend up and asked him for her number again. I guess I called her around 2:00 a.m. Again I had no clue that I made the call. Ironically, she did the same thing a month later. All we did was reminence about the past. I would never do anything with her while she is married. It was just a friendly conversation.


So to answer your question something must have happened to him for him to call you. Something like a thought of you or someone bringing up your name. I wish I could give you more than that but in my examples one call was because I liked her and while the other was to just to talk to a friend. Just be careful not to get your hopes up.

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So hard to guess if you didn't talk with him....


And if you didn't answer you might not be sure that he was drunk... I once very honestly rolled over on my phone in bed beside me in such a way that it dialed someone's number, and in the wee hours of the morning also.... It rang once before I knew what was happening & hung it up.


If you would like an "in" with him to know "what's up" in his life a little then you can always email or call & let him know that you saw his 4 a.m. call & were wondering if everything was okay or something like this.

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thanks for the advice. no he left no voice mail. I could call him I guess, but id rather wait and talk to him in person. The thing that bugs me most is that he obviously cant care about me that much or he wouldnt be with this other girl right? but then say that call was genuinely meant for me, does he care that much about the new girl?

man you guys sure mess with a gals mind! and women do the same to guys too of course! x

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