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So she dumped me for another guy, for the attention...


She wouldnt stop calling me and stuff like that over about a month, the most I got was 8 days NC all of which she contacted me,


Finally I awnsered and I told her I was sorry and I forgive her for cheating on me with another guy, and in the nicest way possible told her the time away has made me realize maybe I didn't love her as much as I thought I did..


I kinda said that in a way to get her to just go be happy with the other guy cause she clearly didnt want me.. She was really hurt, but i think it was what it was going to take to get her to leave me alone and heal..


Now its been 6 days NC and she hasnt contacted me even once, which is ultimately what I wanted, but I would at least like to be given the oppurtunity to not respond, i guess its just my ego... this is the longest she has been without trying to contact me..


just venting...

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