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Need some feedback and advice about a girl


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Ok here’s the story. I met this girl Downtown at a bar where a couple of my friends were having a birthday party. Her and I were both there for the party. We talked a little outside and she had a little attitude which I found intriguing. Well some drunk guy came up and grabbed her by the arm she flipped out and went back inside. I said to the guy, “Thanks a lot *Expletive$ you just scared the girl I was talking to away.” He went after me and the bounce promptly threw him in the street.


Well I ended up catching a ride home with her and her friends. (One of them is a good friend of mine.) After some silence she asked me what happened with that guy and I told her the story. Turns out she lives down the street from the Bar I work at. I told her to stop by one day and she said she would. Well as far as I know she never has.


Well I saw her at a bar one day and she was telling this guy that she didn’t want a shot. I walked up and said to get so and so shot because its light and that I was a bartender so I know. By the look on her face I could tell she recognized me but couldn’t place it. I left them alone after that since at that point I could tell he was working his game and I had a GF at the time.


Well I added her to facebook about a month ago. I made a group for my bar and invited all my friends including her. She left it pending until she wrote on her status that she was tired of being a hopeless romantic. I commented on it and put “Hopeless romantics eventually lose the hopeless and become romantics therefore, we're the only ones that end up truly happy =)” a day later she joined the group.


So I’m taking this as a sign of interest even if it’s slight. I was thinking of messaging and writing that I was gonna be at my bar on Thursday night around 7 and would like to persuade her to have a drink with me.


What do you guys think? Women what would you say or do? And what’s the best way to word the message? I don’t want any fluff I just want to get right to the point.

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