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Ladies, how long do you like your guy giving oral to you?


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Generally assuming you also want to have sex, do you ladies like receiving oral till just before orgasm, then finish during sex? Or oral till orgasm, and go again during sex? Or what?


I don't cum from penetration so I'd rather have an orgasm then have sex - it feels better

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Oh gosh.. If its good head then he could do it all day. I like it long enough where i just pull him up and tell him to * * * * me. Long enough till he gets you wet enoought to just ease in. When they start leftin there hands, grabbin your head, breathin harder and spreadin there legs wider keep going. If you wanna add fun to it add some ice... it will make her laugh at first but then it will slowly began to feel good. I love getin oral sex. It release stress for me and gets me in the mood.

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Lowconfidence.... why don't you just communicate with your partner? everyone is unique, and not everyone like the same thing in the same way.


some insecure guys (not saying you here) will say that they decide and they make the woman do it a certain way, because it gives them a twisted sense of being manly (it's a male ego thing), but the thing is, you need to be connected with your partner, open to what she comminucates to you. and from one time to the next it may be different.


my point is, there isn't one recipe that is gonna give you the sense that you are doing it right and pleasuring her in the best way.

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yes he gets his each time. what i meant was' date=' right after i have an O for a few seconds, i jerk him off me because it gets really sensitive. then i need to relax for about 5 minutes. lol.[/quote']


Same - I can't stand it once I've cum to have him still licking down there it's SO ticklish after that it almost HURTS!


And when a guy goes down on me he can't directly lick or kiss my clit, it's too sensitive.. he has to do it through my inner labia... yeah I have an extremely sensitive clit so NO direct touching or else it hurts...

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