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Is he wanting to get back together?


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Well, I'm pretty much confused right now about the ex. The summary:


We dated briefly last year, talked of reconciliation for a while before finally breaking things off last week (on Sunday). He told me at the time that his feelings for me "had just whithered away" and that he "didn't want to try again because he was so uncertain about if that was what he wanted." But he wanted to still be friends. I reluctantly agreed to it, even though it hurt me a bit. I decided at that point to cease contact with him (no messages for a whole week, no mention of him on Facebook or MySpace, just moving forward). I expected he would do the same and I'd just forget about him over time. I really had wanted to work things out, but I accepted his decision.


Well, let me explain something here. We're friends on both Facebook and MySpace. In the past, he has posted bulletins on MySpace to sort of hint at things to me (both of us are shy). He has only a few friends on there--me, and a couple of guys. So two days ago, he posted such a bulletin on there, saying things like he thought someone was ignoring him and that he needed to tell someone how he felt etc. I knew what he was getting at, that he thought because I did not contact him, I was ignoring him, and so I did my own bulletin saying that I wasn't angry with nor ignoring anyone. He then contacted me last night on Facebook and has been messaging me since (I've responded). Our conversation has been rather light and breezy, but he's responded to every message (for over three hours) within minutes.


He then posted another bulletin tonight. Some things he said in it that caught my eye:


That he liked someone

That he was sad about something that recently happened

That he regretted something

That he remembered who he liked this time last year (aka me)


Now I know his tendencies rather well from the time we were friends to the time we dated, and I know he only posts these things to get a point accross in as subtle a way as possible. He isn't the kind to rub things in, so I know he isn't posting this stuff to show me that he's interested in someone else.


So, what do you all think? Do you think he regrets the break-up and wants to get back together? Or is he just trying the friendship thing? Should I call his bluff or just wait for him to make the move (which he might not do because he might assume that I'm upset about what happened and won't give a second chance)? I was upset about the break-up at first, but right now I'm actually OK with it. I'd like to get back together, but if he doesn't, well, I'm fine with that as well.

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I think you should wait and see what happens. If he really misses you and wants to get back together with you then he will pursue you so long as you make it clear that you harbor no hurt or angry feelings toward him. If you are okay with whatever happens, then just let whatever happens happen! Hahaha. Hope that wasn't confusing. XP

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Thanks, but he's always been extremely shy and if he thinks I've officially moved on, I don't think he'll gather up the courage to talk to me about it. As it stands, I had to bring us up last week--he didn't even have the courage to tell me that he was moving on (if I hadn't brought it up, I probably would have never been told by him). I told him last week that I was willing to do whatever it took to make things work between us. He told me it was just too late, although at first he did want to try things for a two week trial period, but when I asked if he really wanted that, he said he wasn't sure, so we called it off altogether. It's just so confusing because I know he's trying to send some sort of message to me with these bulletins and the messages, but I'm not sure what it is.

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