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What is the etiquette for Easter Messages / NC?

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Hey all, so yeah, I have been wondering...


If she does contact me to wish me a Happy Easter, or send an E card, what to do?


I am 22 days into NC, she has made a few small attempts at breaking NC, and I have a feeling she might send me an easter e card or something. Now, I am not that cynical and I would appreciate an easter correspondence, and not think it was a ploy on her behalf to make me crack.


But still, what to do if this happens, what is everyone here going to do if the event arises?

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I've thought about this.


I'm pretty sure my ex will also try sending a card, text, or Email on April 12th.

I'm sure he will also try sending something on April 17th for my 20th Birthday.


I will not be responding to either. He can kiss my.....yeah


I suggest that for everyone though. Completely ignore 'em.

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Man, this is the first time I heard about sending Easter messages (because I nor my friends do them). First of all, stop anticipating that she will send you an Easter message because you may be very disappointed if she doesn't. I would say stick to NC because it is simply an excuse to break the silence. However, if you must responds, say something very generic like, "same to you" or " Happy Easter". I don't know the details of your breakup, but that is my advice.

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I dont think I will respond, and I am certainly hoping she does NOT send one, so I am not in a position to look like an a-hole by ignoring it. It would probably help the cause a lot to ignore it, they would really be thinking you seriously don't give a stuff.

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what Im going to do Nothing , I wont answer her calls or her emails or ecards or nothing of the source . She needs her space and Most Importantly I do need mine Im working on me and Iam having Peace with everything so ....



I do not want to deal with her or the relationship that is over , I already told her I accepted the break up and that she was right I do not see the point to answer anything else .

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Well, it depends on if you sent each other Easter messages while you were together, I think.


If you didn't send Easter greetings while together, I wouldn't now. If you did, well....that's up to you.


Personally, I think Easter is about Jesus.


The only time I anticipate sending a card to my ex is on his birthday since that's HIS day (but that's not for several months and neither is mine). I'd even ignore our anniversary...since we aren't together anymore

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