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I know this may sound dumb or childish

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I know this may sound stupid...but:


I went to school for English (and Anthro, but I'm not really planning on doing anything with that) and did an internship a couple years ago at a book publishing company. I did well and all that jazz. And even though it took me a year since graduation to find something, I finally, this week, got offered to work for a publishing company....my life's dream. Plus, the place is right next to a Whole Foods (I'm a vegetarian, so for us having this is like orgasming). And at this new job, I'd be doing what I like AND making about 5 times more money than I do at my current job.


I graduated in May and since then have worked at Stop and Shop in the bakery department. I know this sounds really dumb, but instead of looking forward to my new job, I am very sad over leaving my current, low-paying job. It's really tearing me up. I feel so bittersweet.


I became pretty close to my boss, who is about 30 years my senior, but we still talk and have a lot of fun while we are at work. He's the only one I really chat with and joke around with. But, anyhow, him and I are both really sad I am leaving....but I feel like I shouldn't be feeling as bad as I do.


It's is my last week in the bakery and I am thinking of buying him a present to show how much he meant to me. Does this make me strange??? I mean, it is just a crappy job. But, I really like it there. I wonder if I am just destined to work at food stores the rest of my life LOL.


JK. I am looking forward to my new job, but if I had to scale both bitter and sweet, bitter would win hands down.

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I don't think wanting to give your boss a gift is strange at all and clearly your job wasn't crappy if you're so sad about leaving it. The value of a job isn't always measured in $$$. So many people are stuck in jobs where they hate what they do, they hate who they work with and they hate who they work for. There's nothing wrong with showing the people you work with at the store how much you appreciate that they helped make your experience there a positive one.


My dad always said "When you become a mighty oak, remember where your roots are...."

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