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Need to start dating.. need a new plan


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Hi I'm 26 year old guy very shy, but out going, however I've only ever had one girlfriend and this year not even had 1 date.


Its got to the point where all my friends have got girlfriends and stuff and no longer want to go on nights out around the town and I'm finding it harder to meet people and afraid of ending up alone all the time.


I live in a small town where everyone knows everybody else normally it was a short train journey to get into the bigger towns for nights out but I can't really go out clubbing on my own without my friends so I need to find another way of meeting people. I live alone have no parents my brothers in the Army so he live away, my sisters lives in the USA with her boyfriend, so I get quite lonely.

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Well.... you obviously have internet access how do you feel about online dating?


It can be a good way to meet people without having to brave a club or bar, and you can normally narrow down your choices a bit more effectively because profiles often have a lot info available before you even contact someone.

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