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Keep Calm and Carry On


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Hello all-



I'm sure there are many people on eNA right now, or are offline, that are having a hard time with things right now. I know I am. Things may seem hopeless, that they may never get better. But, I came accross something last night that helps me, and I think it will help you too.


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Keep calm and carry on. What does it mean? These posters were put up in England during the Blitz (German bombing of English cities). This poster is powerful, because it sums up the British attitude during the Blitz perfectly-


Keep going and keep pushing through.


The block they lived on might have been destroyed by German bombs, or their friend's block, or their workplace. But their resiliency and determination is legendary today.


For us, this saying means the same thing. Things may seem pointless. They may seem hopeless. We may feel like nothing good will ever come into our lives again. But we need to push forwards with determination that WE WILL SUCCEED, WE WILL OVERCOME, AND WE WILL SEE THE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL.



I make the comparison to the Blitz with no intention of minimizing people's problems at all. No, everyone's problems are equally important, no matter how great or small. The point Im making with this, is that these people were able to carry on with their city being destroyed around them. We will be able to carry on with our problems as well. I hope this helps, I know I need to read my own advice right now.

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This is cool, pretty much the attitude that makes you a survivor and eventually a winner. Take the setback as a challenge. No matter how much you are hurting, the only way is forward not backward. If you are meant to be again with someone you have lost--it will happen in a place called future not the past.

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