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So boring...

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TikTok Advice For Relationships Sucks

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Hey people,


I'm just wondering whether anyone ever felt like their relationship is getting a bit too boring and predictable. Well, I've been dating my SO for almost 3 to 4 years now and lately, I can't help but feel like I get more action from reading the bible than hanging out with him.


I love him- really I do, but it seems like we're stucked in this same mundane routine that well, it's getting a bit old. I've tried throwing in some activities i.e. picnic, walk in the park etc.. but he ALWAYS takes a rain-check. The reason being he's too tired since his work demands a heck lot from him- both mentally and physically. And when weekend comes, he'll rather sleep in and do absolutely nothing (which I completely understand)... but it's getting to me- heck it got me!- and I just don't know where to go from here.


What do you think?

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Are their kids involved? That is priority #1.


Assuming the answer is no, why not just move on, as the both of you clearly seem to have different interests? I understand that you love him, but you also need to think long term. It may be hard, but you need to be smart.

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Yes! Talk to him, right now!


Do not hold these feelings back, do NOT worry about hurting his feelings, because you WILL grow to resent him if you don't already.


This is EXACTLY the kind of thing that caused my last girlfriend to cheat on me. She kept her mouth shut for the most part....but when she DID talk to me about "how we were doing", she straight out lied to me to keep from hurting my feelings. She started out by emotionally cheating on me with another guy that she actually used to despise. Eventually she stopped having sex with me and gave me a bad excuse for it. Turns out (i found out later) she had started having sex with this guy. Then, she just left me.


We were engaged. Had I KNOWN this was how she felt, there is no question in my mind I would have done things differently. I was prioritizing things backward at the time, now that I look at it. The 3-4 year time-period is typically when these feelings start to surface.


It will not go away on it's own.


If you love him, do something. Say something. Save this relationship now, before it's too late. Standing by and hoping he'll somehow get a clue or start feeling the same way is a NASTY way to "play games" with someone that you claim to Love. I'm not saying you will do that, but it's the road you're going down now.


I hope this helps. I don't mean to sound rude; I'm just trying to be brutally honest. I wish I'd had someone there to give me a swift kick in the butt when I needed one.

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That's what happened to me and my ex. I wanted the excitement back, be more creative, but he just wasn't suited for that kind of thing. Same old same.


You definitely need to talk to him about it. Try setting out certain dates that BOTH of you have off and do something that you normally wouldn't. Like go on an adventure to find the highest point in your town (it's really beautiful and romance, too), or look up some crazy recipe that looks amazing but it's crazy to try to make and BOTH of you make it together.

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