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Why is my head so empty?


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Anyone else ever get that feeling for a long period of time? For the past week or so it's like my brain is just filled with bits of fluff. It's amazing that I've managed to get good grades in the past week.


I have had such a hard time concentrating on anything. I was watching Scarface tonight (never seen it, can you believe it?) and kept losing focus on what was happening. I had a date on Friday that started off well, but the drive back from the movies to drop him off at his place was sooo long and awkward because I couldn't think of a single thing to say. Even when I went home I was having a hard time talking to my parents. I can't even read something I would normally enjoy without getting distracted, and it's not by anything in particular, it's just like my thoughts all go out the window. It's so bad I can't remember more than a few months ago without concentrating really hard (I don't do drugs).


What do you do when this happens? How do I make it go away? Because I'm afraid of seriously screwing things up with this guy because I can't keep a conversation flow or doing badly in class.

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I've been going through this for months now. Well, almost a year, now that I think about it.


I've concluded, that for me at least, drawing blanks is my mind's self-defense mechanism to stop myself from drawing random memories from the past. Almost everything I do and almost every place I go is associated with someone I know, and unfortunately for me 90% of those places and things are associated with my exes. When I find myself in a familiar setting, it's much harder to make conversation, because my mind wants to wander to what was, instead of what's happening in the now.


I wish I had some remedy to forget the past AND be able to concentrate on now. If you, or anyone else here on ENA has any ideas/solutions, please let me know as well!

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this sort of thing happens to me sometimes.

i just feel so off when it happens.

i dunno why but it seems to come about every once in a while, maybe once or twice a month for a few days.


another thing that used to happen to me (and is a whole lot like this) is something the doctors cant seem to explain.

every once in a while, i'd feel something coming on and then become very unresponsive. i could still function but i would space out all of the time and wouldnt really know what was going on.

its so bad that after going to the doctors, he said that if i had another episode within 6 months my license would be suspended

but i havent had one like that in a long time, thank goodness.


the best advice i could give is just to try to concentrate more, eat nutritious foods, get enough sleep and maybe read more?


i dunno.

but i think nutrition and sleep will help a lot.

best of luck!

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