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I really belive my business plan could work...

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I went into Home Depot earlier this week to buy some plumbing supplies. By accident one of the employees sent over a night crew manager to me for assistance. He just happens to be a licensed master plumber and works at Home Depot. So we got to talking and he was telling me that he works at Home Depot during the night to make some extra money and during the day he works for himeself as a plumber.


So I go to thinking that my business plan could work. Mind you my plan is a tiny bit different. But if a plumber could hold off two jobs, then I could definatley hold off school and two jobs (two until business become steady).


My idea is basically to start to doing some small home renovations. Ideally, some decks and fences and even some landscaping in the summer season and then during the months I am in school I could do more on the repair type work and small renovations.

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Thats what I am thinking, small jobs. Bigger jobs while I am on summer break from school, and smaller jobs wehn I am in school. Small jobs like painting and repair during school and then big jobs like basements when I'm not in school.


Now seeing that someone else is doing a similar thing, makes me see it really work. And then I could get out of my reatil job and do something I really really like and make a better profit at the same time.

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