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a little confusing...


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I am a little confused over a couple of things.... so i met this girl a few months ago at a friend's house - in fact she is the SISTER of one of my good guy friends, and i kind of realised i liked her.... so the next day or so, i add her on facebook, and msn and she accepts both.


now, (this is still back in nov/dec...) i sent her an email on facebook asking her how's life, and if she'd like to do something on the weekend, and she said something along the lines of "yea, i should be free then....." and then i asked her for her number so we could work something out, and she gave it to me .... and i sent her a couple of text messages (still back in december) and she didn't reply... so confusing thing number 1) Why did she give me her number and email in the first place?


Now, (April), for some reason she's entered my mind again, so i thought i'd give it another shot... so i start up a conversation with her on MSN. She's in her final year of highschool, so her life's stressful, and anyway i really didnt expect that she'd reply. But she did, and we talked briefly, for a couple of minutes, and then, in mid-conversation she suddenly went offline- and i found out subsequently, that she had in fact blocked me....


Confusing issue 2: Why did she reply to me in the first place? She could've just not answered? But she did, and then suddenly blocked me....AND bear in mind that i didnt even ask her out or bring up anything remotely suggestive of that in the conversation.... ,merely "how it going? how's school treating you, whatcha get up to the weekend" and the like....


oh, and did i mention she's the sister of a good guy friend of mine (although i really don't think that's a too big issue), but nevertheless..... what do you guys think about all this??? And should i try again by phone/facebook or let it go?

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If someone blocks you mid-conversation I'd say you're kinda' paddling in the mud if you stay in the canoe, si?


Sounds like she's wacky and doesn't have her sh00t together, so suffice to say you probably don't need what she can offer, anyway.


If you didn't have anything to lose, I'd get in her face hardcore and find out just what the hell is going on in that little girlie brain of hers and if it's hers or yours that's malfunctioning. Considering that it's a close-proximity social issue, don't go lighting anymore bridges on fire and chalk her up to a can of peanutty goodness. Try her again in the summer or late spring if it tickles 'ya, but don't hold your breath (or anyone else's, for that matter).

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