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I met with my ex the other day simply to do homework because she asked me to come. I headed over to her place and we ended up talking for over 6 hours. We didn't talk about "us" or flirt like crazy, but she talked about this new guy that she has been seeing.


At first it kind of bothered me, but then it became an assurance to why her and I don't belong together. She told me how her and this man have nearly everything in common to the most minor details and have similar personalities. She said she has never felt more comfortable or happy. She compared him to her last "boyfriend" which was her rebound after me, and says that he the complete opposite in a good way.


I felt so confused during this entire conversation because I realized I still care about her, but knew that her and I never stood a chance. We even discussed how her and I came from different backgrounds and parts of the country where we were raised to be two completely different people. She continued to talk to me about this man, and I started to actually feel good; partly because I was happy that she found somebody good for her and partly because I could tell that she realized that her and my relationship ended because we were not meant for eachother rather than one person being a "bad person" (which is what she said about me initially in the break up).


Although I truly felt happy for her, I felt immense sorrow and lonliness at the same time because I was going to leave her house alone and looking for the same thing she claims she found. I felt that it wasn't fair that I couldn't get my opportunity right away because I've been through so much pain regarding love its horrible (from my perspective anyway)-but then I realized life is not fair.


I don't know if this is venting, looking for advice or telling a somewhat success story, but I just felt like sharing it with ENA.

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It's great that you can hang out.


I think, as happy as you are for her, it was a bit innaporopriate for her to talk about her current or any other boyfriends unless you both agreed to share things like that.


How long has it been since you split up?

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I agree with ratfreak - that was totally inappropriate of her! 6 hours of her talking all about her new guy and how wonderful he is? OMG, how self-absorbed, and totally inconsiderate of you! I hate to say it, but it sounds like you're better off without her as well.

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yeah, being friends w/ an ex is absolute torture when you still have feelings for them. perhaps it was inappropriate of her to divulge that information, but maybe she doesn't realize you are still hurt about the break-up?


sorry to hear she's moving on and pursuing other guys. guess it's hard when you think you are over someone but hearing about them liking other people sets you back. sounds like it's a sign for you to check out of her life until you no longer have romantic feelings for her. protect your heart and go NC!

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