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What do you consider to be controlling?


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what do you considering to be controlling from a guy? (girl dating a guy)


What are some things he may do? or say?


if people can list some things that'd be great.




im wondering if i dont see some things clearly enough and brush them off.

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Well, it is hard to just give you a canned list, altho perhaps some people with a controlling guy right now can readily create one for you.


The thing is this will vary among women. What one woman finds suffocating and controlling another woman may not mind at all.


I think for the most part a guy or galwho is controlling will monitor your activity and show a lot of signs of jealousy if you talk to a member of the opposite sex, be very questioning when you go somewhere without him/her, and just be very questioning about what you are doing in general.


Bottom line if you don't feel comfortable about the type of monitoring, questioning, etc that you are getting you might be in a controlling relationship.


A relationship should make you feel GOOD. If it isn't, no matter if the guy is truly controlling or not the thing is he isn't a good match for YOU.

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One of my ex's always used to need to know where I was and who I was with.

He also wouldn't leave me alone and had to be everywhere with my friends.

He would question my friendships with guys while he cheated one me.


One of my friends is with a guy who won't let her see her friends unless he's there.

This I find uber creepy.

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In my case:


- who I see and when I see them

- passive aggressive behavior

- wanting me to himself to the point of resenting my hobbies and interests

- criticizing me to the point where my self esteem is very low and I only have him to make me feel better

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Here you go:

link removed


That might help. For me - keeping an eye on who I'm talking to, telling me whom I should and should not speak with, physically preventing me from getting out of a chair or leaving the apartment, pushing me around, pinning me to the bed, and miscellaneous other stuff.


Basically, if the interactions between you and the suspected controller feel odd or you feel badly after them ('I shouldn't have agreed to that! I should've said _____), or he's not respecting the boundaries and limits that you set, then you've got a controller on your hands.

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