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Good Moments to Remember

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I am starting this thread so that whenever you have a little good moment, you post it here. Then when you are feeling bad, you can read about your good moment again and know that it's not all bad, all the time.


Here's mine:

Today I saw a couple at the grocery store holding hands and I thought "oh, that's nice..." instead of my usual "I hate them, I can't believe how much I hate them." This is a first for me since the break-up and I consider it to be progress. Yay me!



Now it's your turn!

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I saved a dove this week. This bird was injured under it's wing and had lost all strength....I came accross it while taking a walk down by the creek. I was watching it as it was trying to get up the hill. But, it slipped and fell back and was just lying on it's back. I went over picked him up and he looked at me as if to say..."help me". I held him close to my chest and crawled up the hill. I put him in a cage I had, got him some water and food...and he is now doing much better.


Today he was moving around the cage and the perch I made for him and feeding. Soon I hope that I can let him go to be free again to be with it's mate.

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I'm sponsoring a little boy from South America who has less than I do. I just sent him off a letter and some photos of my family life here in the US and my cat. I'm looking forward to his letters and being able to visit him and buy him gifts.


This is great.


If every one person could help just one person...think where we ALL could be.

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The other day I did some public speaking for the first time in nearly a decade. I wasn't sure about it, but once I did it, I felt my old self coming back, one from far before I knew my ex. I thought, wow, I used to be really awesome. I am kind of awesome. I felt so happy and invigorated and in control. I felt that I could actually be someone that other people would need around.


Also, I learned to use a sewing machine and actually made a tote bag. Part of my ongoing quest to do new things. Yay me!

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