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How often do you see each other?

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We go to separate colleges. So usualy about once every 2 weeks for a weekend.


Except on times like Thanksgiving (1 week) X-mas (1 month) Spring Break (1 week) Summer (4 months) We justl live 10 minutes from eachother vs. 5 hrs. Then we see eachother EVERY day and night.


And once I get my basics out of the way, I'll be living with him and going to his school.


So not that bad. When he's here we see eachother every day, and when he's away we have enough space to do our own thing, but not have it be long enough where the distance is unbearable.


Less then seeing eachother once a month would be too much for me.

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Nah i dont think once a week is enough time. Are the two of you official? Is there something stoppin the two of you from seeing each other more? And what do you do when you do hang out?


lol...yes i know thats a lot of questions!

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I think this is a choice you and him need to make.

Is one day enough for you, for him?


If that's the choice you've made and what you're comfortable with, then so be it.


I know people who do one day at the beginning, and others that do every day.


There's no right or wrong, just what the two people are after and comfortable with.

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