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i broke it off for good reason, was still intesrested, now im getting mixed signals..arrrgh...

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I hooked up with a guy after knowing him as a friend for 5 months and we ended up seeing each other as more. It was really fun, lots of chemistry etc. and we got along great....but after awhile he backed off a bit, started contacting me less etc. Since it had only been a short while (several months in, we didnt date for long), i didnt want to push too hard but figured I could just talk to him casually and ask him whats up. Basically, he thought it was going a little too fast and he felt I wanted to get more serious (I dont recall saying anything but oh well) Also, that he would like to still see me, but didnt want to lead me on and should know that he can't guarantee when he'd call or see me etc. Eventhough, I still like him at this point, I say no problem, I respect his opinion but because I didnt think it was moving too fast at all that I think it would be a good idea to just remain friends (ie. no physical) and see what happens. I think he might of thought that i would be ok with his view so this took him by surprise but he didnt argue it. We give each other a hug and thats that.


We have no contact for about a month until he started txting me & msging me, and calling once in awhile. Nothing about what happened, but just things like tips on where to go to see a play ( i like plays), articles about inside jokes we used to have etc. I always reply but in the same friendly fashion and this goes on for another 3-4 months. Anyhow, after several attempts to meetup for drinks/coffee during this time we finally met up a few weeks ago for beer with 3 mutual friends. We had a great time, like nothing ever happened...friendly. flirting, lots of eye contact. Now, come this past weekend, I msg him to see if he wants to go for drinks. He tells me he's busy that night cause him and his friends ( 5 guys whom ive never met) are going to see the basketball game and invites me. I decline but say that I would, but don't know anyone and its a guys thing, but to have lots of fun. He then insists twice throughout the day that I go...but I still decline.


So sorry this is long, but I guess what I want to know is this: I thought he was maybe interested in dating again (i still like him) but then he invites me out with a bunch of guys to a bball game....its nice of him i guess but does that not seem a bit weird? I figure most guys dont want girls tagging along on their nights anyway. So is he interested in me or does he think im one of the guys now? yikes. haha. Any suggestions as to whats going on in that head of his???

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