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First date after break-up with ex-girlfriend


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Hi guys!


As some of you might already know, I broke up with my now ex-girlfriend about a month and a half ago. Through ENA I've had serveral helpful hints and tips on moving on and healing - and it has helped me a great deal. In fact, it has helped me so much that I was able to go out on with a "new" girl on friday.


A little prehistory is needed: Back in August I started attending university, and I met tons of people there. I dropped out of University for various reasons - one of them being my now ex-girlfriend - but I managed to stay in contact with several of my classmates. A few weeks ago, I randomly messaged a girl classmate who I'd always found sort of cute on Facebook, and she immidately replied. A few messages went back and forth, and we agreed to meet up on Friday. Here's a somewhat detailed breakdown of what happened;


She texted me on Thursday asking where and when I thought we should meet, so we arranged to meet in a local city at 2 PM. When I got there she'd been waiting for a few minutes because her train had arrived early, and both of us were starving. Originally we had planned to go to a cafe, but the weather was AWESOME (Not a cloud in sight!) - so I suggested that we could go to a grocery store and buy some fresh fruit and bread and stuff instead and then go eat it in a nearby park - she really liked that idea, and off we went.


We had the most fun shopping - sneaking around in the supermarket doing all sorts of crazy things (that may not seem very crazy if you weren't there, so I'll leave them out for now). I also found a few recipes that I thought looked interesting; But anyway; After shopping we went to the park where we immidately found a great spot to sit - so we sat down.. Just as we had settled in this dog came running towards us (I'm terrified of dogs, I can't tell you why - and she started petting it and talking to it and stuff. Within seconds it's owner came running, trying to make the dog come back;

Instead, it decided to run directly towards me and lay flat in front of my feet - I even managed to pet it for a while (haha, this was such a big deal to me. I really am terrified of dogs that are about my size when I'm seated!).


Later on after we'd finished eating and were just sitting around enjoying the weather, this somewhat overweight man comes along, folds out a blanket and proceeds to strip down all the way to his boxers - much to the discussion of us and everyone around us (there were alot of people in the park - all fully clothed, of course - and along comes this dude and starts getting rid of all his clothes.. It was SO funny at the time. ).


Fast forward an hour or so and we start walking along. I told her how I'd considered bringing my camera because the weather was so amazing so I thought it'd be great to take some macro-shots of plants and stuff. Then her face just lit up, she smiled and said; "I thought of the same thing, only I thought that you'd maybe find it weird if i'd brought it!".


When we got back to the train station we just sad outside and ate an ice-cream while watching people passing by and trying to figure out where they were going. Then we got on the train and just as the train was about to stop at her station, she said "why don't you let me look at those recipes you got?" - I gave them to her, and she asked;


"If you could choose, which one would you like the best?" - I then chose this thai-style mini spring-roll dish, and she said;

"Fine; I'll cook it for you someday soon - alright?". I just nodded and smiled, hugged her goodbye as she got off the train.


That's it, really.. Of course there are a few details left out here and there because I've obviously forgotten about them, but I really felt chemistry building throughout the entire day.. Amazing feeling!


Earlier today, when I switched on my phone, she'd texted me, writing (roughly translated from Danish);

"Hi skibbe! I don't know when you get to see this, but I had a really great time on friday, and I just wanted to let you know.. Have fun until we see each other again"


Now, what I'm asking you guys is - based on what I've written here - would you guys say this is worth pursuing? (I know that is a vague question - I just don't know if its too soon to start "dating" for real.)

Does she seem interested in me, based on the above?

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thanks guys. that's what i thought. sometimes it's just healthy to have a second perspective on things, you know?


i wrote her back just now, saying how I had a great time too, how I'm looking forward to the spring-rolls, joking about the naked guy, and then asking some general questions about her weekend.. we'll see how everything goes. this is so exciting! god, this feeling is awesome.

sorry if i'm boasting here by the way. i'm just so happy to have rediscovered this feeling.

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I don't really know you but it's still good to know other people are finding happiness and having a good time after a breakup


exactly, that's how i'm thinking as well. but you know, i just got thinking how i'd react if i felt sad and saw someone just coming along saying "look at me; this happened and that happened and so on and so on.." - i'd be very downhearted by that..

one more thing, though; i always get this annoying feeling that i've gone and ruined everything after sending a message to someone. naturally i have that feeling now - judging from what i wrote above, would you say that i've gone and done something stupid?

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one more thing, though; i always get this annoying feeling that i've gone and ruined everything after sending a message to someone. naturally i have that feeling now - judging from what i wrote above, would you say that i've gone and done something stupid?


Omg I get that too it sounds fine until you send it and then it's like 'oh no why did I say that?!'


But from what you said, it sounds like you just sent her a friendly reply asking questions is good as well, gives her a reason to text back! I msged a guy back a forth for a while but he never asked things, it was hard to keep a convo going like that

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