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Any Ideas and am i over analysing?


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Hi all,


The girl i'm kind of seeing although nothings official yet could've come to stay at mine on Friday night but instead stayed out saying she was going to meet one of her friends.


I've been feeling really crappy all weekend, like I have been rejected by her. My minds be running wild thinking was she dishonest with me. She said it was the wrong time of the month to come back to mine and that would be torture. I don't mind her going out and me coming home but kinda hoped she would prefer to spend time with me.


She said this wasn't about us and that she really likes me as we parted but then text "I'm on my way to Elli's bar (her friend), i'm fine and i'm safe. Sorry for being weird, i'll call you soon."


Am I over analysing this or am I right to feel a little confused. I really like this girl but am feeling a little unsure at the moment and don't wanna to make any rash decisions or say something i might regret.


Any advice?

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If it's the 'wrong time of the month' and you two aren't really an item yet, I can TOTALLY understand why she wouldn't be spending the night with you! And believe me, it's nothing to do with you! Either sleeping with someone and getting really aroused and not being able to do anything about it, or keeping the other person awake because of groaning through bad period pains, or worrying about 'leaking' ... no, these things don't belong in the early stages of a relationship if you can possibly help it.


Relax, and be grateful you don't get periods!

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I did think that might have been the case and completely understand, i won't mention anything.


She has spent the night before and we've none each other for over 2 years so are really comfortable but I imagine those thoughts are exactly how she would've been thinking.


Thanks for giving me a womans opinion.

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