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Does this mean shes still thinking about me?

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Its been a few months since we broke up, but we "dated" still until about a month ago and NC for 4 days, but she left me for another guy, we talked the other day on the phone and she told me how awesome he is to her and she still doesnt know if she made a mistake and her heart is still with me, but he just treats her so good and always wants her around (attention) I told her she didnt make a mistake she did what was best for her and all the stuff to try to make her feel better about what she did, just so she will leave me alone...


I told her I'm happy for her and told her to stop talking to me so she can give this guy a fair shot because he obv likes her and he seems like a better match for her blah blah I for my pride would want her to come back, or even just to be single so we could hang out and i dont have to think about another guy, but I know I couldnt be back with her..


Now she keeps a quote in her profile about how shes free now and she puts up away messages about how much fun shes having all the time (which she never usually does)


What does this mean? If she was truly happier with the other guy I feel like she would have just moved on not feel the need to convince herself of how much fun shes having and take that quote about me out of her profile...

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Most likely she IS thinking about you some. The more time and history that you have with someone, the more things will remind you of that other person even though a lot of their focus should be and will be on them.


HOWEVER, you can not know what she is thinking. Anything is just a guess unless she tells you directly. At this point in your life you should not try. You will just spin your wheels.


When there is someone else in the picture with your ex I always suggest getting OUT of their life for awhile to give them and yourself the time to see what life is really like without that other person. No person can truly miss you until you are no longer there...and for awhile. She might feel that she made the totally right decision, you might find out that you are glad that she did!


Until you stop all contact, neither of you will make much progress I am afraid.

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Thanks stickman, I feel like I'm making a ton of progress, its just those set backs from time to time..


Since breaking up with her I have done so many fun things I never did because I didnt have the money to include her and always wanted to be the "man" in the relationship and pay for everything


now that she sees me doing all this stuff (vacations, athletic events, etc..) she thinks she made a big mistake going with the other guy, cause her hearts with me, he just seemed like a better match


I told her NO you made the right decision because the guy you broke up with wasnt doing these things... I'm now doing them because I've been motivated by the break-up... granted I would love to be doing everything with her, but it didnt work out that way...


Such a weird feeling of being so happy I'm finally feeling like im living life to its fullest but bittersweet cause I feel like I could have been doing that with her...


Time will tell... ALOT of time...

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Good on you.. i was in the same situation and pretty much told my ex the same thing.. who knows what they are really thinking but for sure drop out of her life and let her see what life is really like without you.. and delete her off your FB!

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I deleted her off FB and myspace, as well as deleting her off AIM but the problem is I have her passwords so if I'm having a really tough time i can just log on and check it out, I've been close a week NC now but I'm going to start considering checking her FB and stuff breaking NC and I'm going to stop doing it... we will see..

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