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Meeting MY Boyfrind parents for the first time, donno what do say how me met????


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Hei all...

The BIG QUESTION IS should i tell HIS MOM[/color] about how i met him?

I have this problem i been thinking about.Id really appreciatee some suggestionss..Thing is i met my boyfriendd about 9 months ago online...meaning in internet.Everything is hanky dory except now im gone visit him and also see his parents..As far as he has said to his friends he met me in his country while i was there to visit to avoid some stupid prejudicee assumptions that people have about internet and dating...i can understand that ...but anyways...i asked him what should i tell his mom in case she asks and he said whatever i say , he will respect and accept. Problem is he sayd his mom probably wouldnt like the idea about meeting someone over internet.Also i dont wanna start my relationship with his mom with a lie ABOUT HOW WE MET..he also sayd look deep in your heart and do what u think is right...So now im puzzled...Id stick with the truth but thats seems to be equally bad idea as lieng...HELP..

I asked my boyfrind many times and he keeps saying its up to u.. He is like thiss macho type so his not to good talking about feeliung and all this suff....It also makes me feel like its a test or something about me. hahah...So what the hell should i say in the end?..Thank you very much in advance


thanks so for your answers so far.Im 24 and he is 28.I wouldnt say he is not a momas boy but he does love his mom.problem is also that he comes from somewhat religios (catholic family)his dad is more open minded than his mom. She is very sweet women as he says , but much more oldfashiond.He himself considers himself catholic but lets say VERY LIBERAL ONE. Also he is Lebanese and im from europe so thers some cultural diffferences. His Mom knows im his girlfrind.also his mom has asked if im religios(im not) and some other stuff..I guess the reason he hasnt said too much to his mom bec his mom will rightaway jump the gun...and start talking what to name the kids and what school they should go to and so on... and we are defently not there yet..Its very new.So i guess he wants me to meet her first, before she would make any judgements about how i fit his as the mother of his grandsons in the future She can see im not some wierdo out of internet but sweet ,intelligent, wellrounded nice girl...Also i think its something to do with his own macho type ego.. dont wanna admit he found a girl online, not in real life, bec believe me he wouldnt have any probles. he is very goodlooking.(ps not to be vain im very goodlooking too and have no problem finding a guy heheh, its just he i want)

So .... i think i would say i met him online, and he would suport me but since he comes from kinda oldfashiond culture , with oldfashion family values its harder to get it right.

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I'd stick with telling her the truth. I always hated telling boyfriends' parents that we met online (or my own parents) but I've found that lying about it will just get you caught up in a web of even more lies (ex: telling them you met through a friend...follows the question, which friend, etc).

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Tell the truth. If he is worth it he would stand by you.


If its meant to work out it will regardless of what his mother thinks.


If he would break up with you because of his moms surprise of having met you online he isnt worth it. Trust me you do not want a 'mamas boy'.


Just tell her the truth.


I met my husband online in 2002. Now, in 2009, we have been married five years, have kids together and yes.. everyone knows the truth.


Better yet, why is he not telling her the truth or already told her? That is something worth thinking about.


YOu did not say so here but what are your ages? This might help in giving good advice.

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