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The Chantix Journey


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Day 2


I did not sleep well last night. Can't blame it in Chantix, I think. I took it nearly 20 hours before I woke up. Also, my daughter was making banging noises at 2:30 am.


I joined the support group. Activity yesterday was to write down when, where and why I smoked. I like that. Non-judgemental awareness.


Otherwise, I feel the same. I've had 5 since 5:30 yesterday.

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Good for you! I'm really excited for you - I can't wait until the day that you can go without smoking and without thinking about it!


Chantix - I took it. I've heard negative things about it. I think I took it for about 3 weeks - just enough to get over the major hurdle of becoming a non-smoker. (Note that was against doctor recommendations - think it's supposed to be taken for 12.)


Anyway - remember that the withdrawal from nicotine symptoms will still be present. I found myself trying to determine if my grouchiness was the medicine or the withdrawals.


Seems like you are doing this by the book (with the journal and support.) Just be careful and optimistic. You can do this!!!!!

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Day 3


I still don't feel any differently. So far as I can tell. The cigs I had yesterday tasted kinda harsh, but it was a feeling in my throat, so I don't see how the drugs caused that. (Chatntix is supposed to bond with nicotine receptors in the brain, stopping the nicotine from releasing dopamine)


Yesterday I had 13 cigs, but it was sort of a busy day. I suppose I would have had more if I had less to do.


I cleaned out my car. No evidence of cigs left, unless you count a lingering smell (which I can't smell anyway). I suppose that I will get it detailed. Anyway, no more smoking in the car.


Quit day is Sunday. I think I'm ok with it. So far anyway. Tomorrow I double the dose.

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Day 8 on Chantix - Quit date.


I feel okay. I think it's down to the psychological factors now. I feel fine.


I suppose it's been almost 12 hours since I smoked, but for a lot of that, I was asleep. xD


Anyways, no shakes, no irritability so far.

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Day 9. For the first time in over four years, I went a whole day without smoking. If the first day is hardest, this won't be so bad, just irritating. I have read if you can hold back the urge for 13 sec., it will go away. True, but you get them about 100 X a day.


The support group sent an auto call to me last night to check in. I got a congrats from a recorded voice. Living digital, huh?


physically, I am having mild headaches, but I was having them before, so I don't know. I am having vivid dreams, strange ones. Maybe I always have them but don't remember. Once yesterday, I felt a little dizzy.


Psychologically, I think I will be ok. A mental committment is the most important thing, I think.

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The geniuses at Pfizer said to call my doctor. Doctor is not in today. So I suppose I will just be dizzy. Great.


Thing is, I feel sure this is a nicotine withdrawl effect, and not from the drugs. Can't say for sure, but nobody is telling me anything.

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